ARS Sold, but Kept in the Family

Innovative Ideas International Ltd., the parent company of Adult Revenue Service, has been sold to Becky DeForest, the company’s former chief executive officer, and the sister of former owner Marc De.

Becky DeForest, who also owns content provider Storm Media Ltd., is taking the reins of Innovative Ideas with the main focus of ramping up ARS. Webmasters can expect to see extended content offerings, services, and payouts.

“Becky was the perfect fit to not only run things once again, but to take over ownership 100 percent. She was the CEO of ARS/Innovative Ideas from late 2001 through 2004, and I felt Becky would have the energy and ingenuity to return the company to its winning streak,” says Dan B., the chief counsel and former president of DMA, who advised on the business transaction and has overseen Innovative Idea’s investments.

ARS terminated the contract with their previous content provider in February 2004 because of chargeback issues. Becky DeForest spent the next two years building Storm Media, which has a content database that includes more than 2 million pictures and 300,000 movies.

“The demand for the change in ownership and leadership was largely due to the termination of the contract between ARS and the company that provided the pay site portfolio. We simply could not rely on another company to provide quality websites for ARS webmasters to promote,” says DeForest. “The creation of Storm Media was the logical solution to this problem. So I stepped down from ARS back in 2004 to build Storm Media. Now I’m returning to ARS as owner and bringing with me the elements ARS needs.”

DeForest’s experience includes nine years in the adult industry, where she has held positions ranging from webmaster support, payout operations, and fraud control to the day-to-day management of ARS.

“An affiliate program is only as strong as the products it sells,” says DeForest, “and my vision is to return ARS back to its long-held position of being an industry leader.”