ARS Releases xInject Code; Makes Move to Three-Day $1 Trial; to Host Internext Party

Pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network Advertising Revenue Service (ARS) has introduced xInject a code that allows Webmasters to transfer groups of trackable links to a browser’s bookmarks or Favorites list.

“Specify the sites you want bookmarked in the surfer’s Favorites list, and when they approve the site to be bookmarked, your links will be listed for the surfer to use at anytime,” vice president of marketing and customer relations John Valigorsky said in a statement. “The surfer is notified that links are about to be transferred and can cancel the option if they so choose. The links that are ‘injected’ carry your affiliate ID code, so now the surfer can now return, sign up to the site and you still earn money from that traffic.”

xInject is a new technology developed by Netpond Group, a Webmaster resource site, and is being made available to members of the ARS publishing community to simplify the process of convincing users to incorporate a publisher's links into their bookmarks or favorites list.

In related news, ARS announced that that they will be offering three-day free trials for $1 as of Dec. 15.

“We had addressed the possibilities of charging for free trials several months ago,” said Valigorsky. “We worked hard to keep the free-trial product for our webmasters, but due to its high fraud and chargeback rates, it’s of utmost importance that we make this adjustment.”

In support of the change from free trials to paid, ARS is offering Webmasters a 10 percent bonus from Dec. 15 through Dec. 21 on all three-day, $1 trial referrals.

In addition, ARS and adult pay-site developer Global InterMedia have teamed up to release, a site dedicated to hardcore teen sex. The site features picture galleries, downloadable movies, live 24/7 sex shows, erotic stories, and raunchy games. Publishers can earn up to $25 per trial and up to $50 per active member. Each sale earns Publishers between five and 15 reward points redeemable at the ARS Rewards Store, which includes items ranging from cars and electronics to furniture and gaming systems.

“Teen sites will always remain one the most profitable niche sex sites for Webmasters,” noted Valigorsky. “GIM has done an excellent job merging the freshest and newest teen content into one great site that’s sure to be a hit with consumers.”

To celebrate all of these announcements, ARS has teamed up with Maximum Cash to host their annual Internext party at GameWorks on Jan. 6, 2004, from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.