ARS Inks Contract With Anonymizer Inc.

Pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network Advertising Revenue Service (ARS), have added Anonymizer Inc. to its advertiser program. Anonymizer, Inc. is a provider of Internet privacy and security solutions for consumers, corporations, organizations and government agencies. The company's Website is home to the world's most popular Internet privacy service, Total Net Shield, which defends users from the most prevalent Internet privacy and security threats.

“We first became aware of Anonymizer and their product Total Net Shield through a publisher/webmaster request on the ARS message board," Director of Advertising Services Matt Borgman told “We had asked our publishers which adult or non-adult products performed well for them and that they would like to promote through ARS if given the opportunity. We reviewed all the companies and products that were requested, contacted all that were feasible, and went to work developing business relationships with several companies which we felt would be beneficial to our publishers. Both ARS and Anonymizer jumped at the opportunity to offer a product proven to perform, with a great payout level for our publishers.”

Publishers will receive $38 and 20 ARS reward points for each purchase of Total Net Shield. Total Net Shield gives surfers privacy protection that includes anonymous Web surfing, pop-up blocking and cookie-erasing features.

“Our publishers can now promote a product they have specifically requested at a great payout rate,” added Borgman. “All of this from ARS, a company they have grown to know and trust over the last seven years. This really is a win-win-win situation. Anonymizer gets a huge motivated sales force, our publishers get a great payout and product, all under the same roof as their other favorite adult and non-adult products, and ARS gets happy Advertiser and more importantly, happy publishers.

“ARS has a large amount of hungry publishers that have proven for years that they can sell anything as long as they are given the opportunity. This pool gives Anonymizer and Total Net Shield a motivated sales force which simply can't be matched anywhere else.”