ARS Announces FHG System, $1500 Bonus and $100 Day

ARS has announced the addition of their new Free Hosted Gallery System and two bonus programs.

The FHG system offers big moneymaking opportunities for many types of webmasters and designers.

Template builders will receive $15 per each template they create once they create three useable galleries from that template. In addition to this bonus, each and every month there will be $1500 in rewards for the top-selling templates.

Users can also create templates and galleries for their own BYOT sites. Once a template has been created, a webmaster can then use the FHG system to create as many galleries as they wish from the template. In addition to creating their own custom galleries, they will have a list of thousands of pre-existing galleries to plug directly into their existing TGPs, all of which can be generated into an infinite variety of data sheets.

Webmasters can choose any pre-made template and then have their own private gallery using ARS’s gallery builder.

As a bonus to kick off the new FHG system, ARS also announced a $100 sales day on Jan. 27. Every sign-up generated from the FHG system will be worth $100. Webmasters must send to one of the new gallery linking codes, and the bonus is limited to 20 sales.