ARS: Adding, Giving Away $50,000

Pay-for-performance affiliate Advertising Revenue Service (ARS) and adult pay-site developer Global InterMedia announce the unveiling of

“These lovely ‘ladies’ will do it all for cash,” said Mark McMurter, GIM content manager. “With high-quality galleries, movie clips, live feeds, and full-length movies, GIM has spared no expense in bringing members the hottest, sexiest, and sluttiest trannies from around the world.”

“TrannyHookers is valuable to those publishers in the ARS program who are looking for more offerings in this particular niche,” ARS vice president of marketing and customer relations John Valigorsky told AVN Online. “With this additional site, as with any new product offering, there is now more opportunity for increased revenues for our publisher base.”

Publishers can earn $20 to $35 per trial and up to $50 per active membership. Each sale earns publishers between five to 15 reward points redeemable at the ARS Rewards Store, which features everything from cars and electronics to furniture and gaming systems.

“ is a homerun for publishers looking for more wild-side content to promote,” added Valigorsky. “Niche sex sells and the tranny segment is no exception.”

In addition, to celebrate the holiday season, ARS will be doling out $50,000 in cash, logo merchandise, and laptop computers to adult webmasters in December.

From Dec. 1-31, ARS will pay $1,000 every other day to the publisher who makes the 500th sale that day. Three laptops valued at $3,000 will be awarded, one to the first publisher who reaches the 100 sales mark, one to the 100th publisher who makes 100 sales, and one to the last publisher to hit 100 sales.

In addition, publishers who send ARS 100 sales during the promotional period will receive the ARS-branded Webmaster Essentials Package: a Steel City traveler tumbler; a gel stress ball; a gel mouse pad; and a fleece Timberline pullover.

“The December Publisher promotion was inspired based on the simple fact that we love to give back to the people who got us here, our publishers,” offered Valigorsky. “We wanted a promotion that would touch everyone of our publishers, not just the top dogs. By adding in the cash giveaway every other day as well as the laptop giveaway, there are some fantastic prizes and cash available to any level publisher while the ones who are producing the 100 plus sales for the month of December are being awarded with some really nice ARS merchandise. So the bottom line was to make sure every single ARS publisher has a legit shot to win something during the ARS Essentials Promotion, regardless of how big or small they are. 

Also in December, the makers of Vig-Rx, an herbal penis enlargement formula, are offering publishers a $150 bonus for 25 sales and $250 for 50 sales, bringing total bonuses to $400.