Arrow To Debut <i>Debbie Does Dallas</i> Comic Book At AEE

LONG BEACH, N.Y. - Arrow Productions has teamed with Terminal Press to release a series of comic reinterpretations of adult classics, beginning with an adaptation of "Debbie Does Dallas" debuting at the 2008 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

2008 marks the 30th anniversary of the original Debbie, an unassuming, low-budget porn flick about sexy cheerleaders. The comic version of the tale finds Debbie as one of the few survivors in a world on the brink of nuclear annihilation, trying to battle their way out of Dallas alive against hordes of the living dead.

"The creative team was given the opportunity to actually get creative with this title, which isn't the norm when you're working on a license," said writer and Terminal Press founder Brian Ferrara. "They just let us go crazy, and I think that paid off. It's not what people are going to be expecting."

Added Arrow marketing director Robert Interlandi, "When I started talking to Terminal Press about licensing our icons for comic books, we agreed to do something completely different and insane. After reading the script and seeing the artwork, this book is totally amazing! The only hang-up is, if we were to ever shoot this project, we are looking at over a $100 million budget. The coolest thing about comic books is that you can draw anything you could ever imagine."

"Debbie Does Dallas" is illustrated by Rolo Ledesma and written by Brian Ferrara, with colors by Narek Gevorgian and color separation by Joe Frazzetta and Keith McCleary.

Future Arrow titles to be adapted by Terminal Press include Deep Throat, Candy Stripers and Tell Them Johnny Wadd Was Here.

The limited edition "Debbie Does Dallas" comic will be available at the Arrow Productions booth at AEE in January, and can be ordered at