Arrow's Ray Pistol Interviewed For CBS Morning Show

LAS VEGAS - Arrow Productions owner Ray Pistol will appear on the 'CBS Morning Show' with Charles Osgood this Sunday during a segment on the Nevada Caucus.

The Nevada Caucus was moved up to January 19 this year, giving the state a more prominent voice in the 2008 presidential election. The CBS crew interviewed Pistol and one of the dancers at Arrow's strip club Talk of the Town to represent the political perspective of Nevada's adult entertainment industry.

"Previously, Nevada was in the middle of the election cycle and not given little consideration," noted Arrow's marketing director Robert Interlandi. "By being in the front of the caucuses, Nevada plays a huge role in where the election goes from here."

"The reporter was surprised to find out that a dancer would be extremely political and a college graduate," said Pistol. "Tori is a huge Hillary Clinton fan and knows all of the issues at hand. I think she may change the mind of people regarding dancers. The reporter set me up with straight line questions like, 'Do I think people perfer short caucuses or long caucuses?' My reply to that was some people like short caucuses, others enjoy long caucuses but I love screaming caucuses."