Arrow Markets Energy Drink

LAS VEGAS - Arrow Productions has partnered with Las Vegas-based X Brand Fluids to produce Deep Throat Energy Drinks. Marketed with the slogan "keep it up all night," the beverage is now being test-marketed at Arrow's Las Vegas strip club, Talk of the Town.

"We just got them in last Friday, we've sold an average of a case per day at a club that holds 100 people," Arrow's marketing director Robert Interlandi told AVN. "So far, we have been making Deep Throat with Vodka, Deep Throat Jager bombers and Deep Throat with Agua all weekend. Everyone at every party I went to this Memorial Day weekend loved them. We know they will be a big hit at the night clubs."

Arrow is now looking to license the energy drink nationally. "I pitched it around to a couple of strip clubs in town, and they love it," said Interlandi. "I see clubs all across the country buying this for their dancers to drink. We believe it will be a great conversation piece for the strip club scene."

The company recently announced a separate licensing deal with Silver Buiffalo LLC to produce watches, clocks, beer mugs and other tie-in products based on Arrow's classic XXX films. Interlandi also told AVN that he is still looking to market a Deep Throat beer ("with extra head.")

To buy Deep Throat Energy Drinks for your club or bar, e-mail [email protected]

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