Area101: Fetish for Fun and Profit

KinkInc's ( title page displays the following (a definition, an explanation, a... warning?):


Object of obsession; an object, idea, or activity that somebody is irrationally obsessed with or attached to; [early 17th century] via French fe'tiche "charm, sorcery." From Latin factitious "made by art, artificial."

"Area101 is the parent company," creator F.B. says, launching into the story of how two guys from Europe, bored with the Hollywood scene as they found it, endeavored to shake things up. The result: KinkInc, a for-hire, underground, fetish/erotica/performance events executor. is the page for Area101 events. Area101 itself, facilitated by F.B. and his partner, Webmaster/designer D.V., is the central business, and "the name is a cross between 'Area 51' and 'Room 101' in Orwell's 1984," F.B. says. "Basically, the meaning [translates as] a secret location where all your desires could possibly be [expressed].

"I started in '99, and wanted to do something that was 'out there,' more open-minded, sort of European-style, 'erotic' events," F.B. explains. "I'm an artist, an artist and photographer, first of all. I do erotic art, fetish art, fetish photography."

Seeking an outlet that was creative as well as lucrative, Area101 developed a reputation akin to Paris' Grand Guignol.

"I got to know pretty much everybody around the Hollywood scene," F.B. relates; "fetish parties and fetish clubs, performers left and right - fire, snakes, sex."

After establishing a foothold in the "community," F.B. got organized, providing shows-for-hire. "We've done quite a few [gigs] in town. It's a fun thing to do; I coordinate the shows, get the talent, put the show together."

To be had is "everything from a two-person show, simple stuff, up to a 45-minute choreographed 40-person show," he says.

Area101 currently manages a variety of performers: Masters (bondage, fire, whips, wax, and a variety of torture tools, toys and equipment); Mistresses (bondage, fire, whips, wax, etc.); Slaves (male and female, from light bondage to hardcore); professional fire dancers, male and female); and "go-go" dancers.

They are available for one-time and ongoing events, simple or extravagant, small or big budget, and a promo video is offered @ The gallery there also documents the shows: for the most part, the showcased photographs were taken at parties.

For booking, those interested can e-mail [email protected], using "4Hire" in the subject line.

" is one of four sites, and it's the events site; we have two pay sites of fetish erotica - Rubberotica [ and], all shot by me; and portal site [] from which one can go to all the sites," F.B. says.

"The pictures, the erotic stuff, is for the pay site, which is not really our focus. Our focus is more on being a content provider." Area101 does sell licensed images to other sites, and "Rubberotica is a way to showcase what we do," he adds.

Marketing and promoting these kinds of services takes specified and differentiated energies.

"As far as the party sites, you need to, in this day and age, offer a Website and an e-mail list. That's the only way to make sure people get an invitation. The phone thing doesn't work any more. Takes too long."

F.B. is paring down Area101 events these days, moving from the disco/rave format into "private parties." The result is "Prive," opened in June, a once-a-month, secret location, couples- and single women-only party. "We've done a couple of what we call 'fetish dinners,' where we sit down to a five-course meal, 50 people max, with entertainment and lovely waitresses and so forth. That's worked very well." Success with this more specific mix makes F.B. optimistic about the success of Prive.

"The most important part about being more [selective] is so other people who are not really into what we're doing won't come in and fall apart, or get obnoxious or drunk."

In the future, "We have plans for videos, for making a line. We have our hands in a lot of baskets right now - everything's in development," which makes for an always-expanding horizon at Area101.