APHSS Changes Name to PASS

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) issued a statement today announcing a name change for APHSS (Adult Production Health & Safety Services), the adult performer-testing program, which will now be called PASS, an acronym for Performer Availability Screening Services.

The change is effective as of today, August 23. Visitors to the former APHSS.org website will now be redirected to FSCPASS.org. Additionally, FSCPASS.com will also redirect to the FSCPASS.org landing page.

FSC Board of Directors Vice President Christian Mann, who chairs the program now called PASS, explained, “The reasons for the change are simple and logical. First, we wanted an acronym that was easier to remember and pronounce. Second, ‘Performer Availability Screening Services’ is a much more accurate description of what we provide.”

Mann added the following about the current role of the PASS system: “The testing facilities, and their affiliated doctors, provide the health and safety component for our performers. We (FSC) just provide the database and its oversight management so producers and performers can obtain reliable and verifiable availability information without compromising medical privacy. No small feat, but nothing we’ve seen comes closer. This one hub has been an invaluable resource. I’m pleased that we have participation from all the testing facilities that comprise the overwhelming choice of performers and agents in the industry. Further, participation in the program is open to all, independent of a participant’s membership, or lack of membership in the FSC.”

The statement added that PASS is a resource for the adult production community, upholds rigorous standards for performer testing, as well as medical and safety protocols for its testing facilities, and encourages all adult performers and producers to utilize the PASS system.

For more information on the recent name change, or any other questions about PASS, contact (818) 348-9373 or [email protected].