Anyone Else Using the Name Jake Steed's Productions?

turned-\nentrepreneur Jake Steed reaches for a cup of coffee, he may have second thoughts about asking for cream.\n Steed recently faxed distributors with a notice announcing a new video company he was forming. In the fax, Steed said the company was about to debut a "hip, innovative, entertaining, very erotic and extremely marketable" video series. Building on the hype, Steed said his new company had mentor Ed Powers' "seal of approval."\n In light of subsequent developments, cynics might suggest that both the fax and the seal were somewhat premature, since Steed announced his company as "Cream Entertainment." Steed had inadvertently taken the name of director John T. Bone's company.\n Bone immediately faxed Steed a "cease and desist" notice that began with "I don't know if you had your head up your ass for the last 18 months..." From there, the memo embraced more tactful language, apprising Steed of Cream's track record and Cream's lawyer, who specializes in "intellectual property" lawsuits.\n Steed called Bone, telling him he didn't know about Cream and that, since Steed had three DBAs, it would be just as easy for him to fix it. Steed explained that he picked the name Cream because it was urban lingo for money. Bone asked Steed if he ever read AVN.\n "I peruse it," Steed replied.\n Bone recapitulated some of Cream's CES history and told Steed it had been written up in the previous issue of the magazine.\n "I never saw anything about it," Steed told Bone. "I put a lot of money into this (the company), and it inconveniences me to start off on a bad foot. It's a big mess for me, a total nightmare. I'm so pissed off. I'm more astounded than you. It's unbelievable."\n Bone offered Steed several suggestions about how to rectify the problem, after which Steed revealed one big one that Bone hadn't covered.\n "I printed 6,000 boxes with the company name (Cream) on it," Steed confessed. Bone told Steed what he could do with the boxes.\n "I don't want to reprint them," Steed replied, protesting the imminent costs involved.\n "It'll be a lot cheaper than if you put my name on it, son," Bone told him.\n "I got a lotta, lotta money involved in this. I'm totally fucked," said Steed, explaining to Bone he (Steed) was only trying to survive, and could they work out an alternative means by which Steed would release the first title under the Cream name and agree to some form of compensation?\n "You can't do this," Bone answered. "I have to protect my investment. I can't allow you to put it out under my name." Bone suggested that Steed fax a letter explaining that he (Steed) "fucked up" and was sorry for the confusion. Bone then suggested that Steed seek out a label printer and have labels affixed to the boxes where the name "Cream Entertainment" shows.\n Steed gave Bone his word that he would do so. Bone then suggested that Steed call AVN and inquire about alternative company names before making the same mistake. Steed called the magazine.\n Explaining what had happened with Bone, Steed asked quite innocently, "Is there anyone else in the industry using the name Jake Steed's Productions?"\n He was told there was a pretty good chance that no one had yet grabbed it.