Antigua Unearths 'Savannah: The Lost Footage'

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—Fallen '90s porn super-starlet Savannah returns to the screen in footage never before issued on DVD with Antigua Pictures' newest revival release, Savannah: The Lost Footage.

"Antigua has had this footage deep in the vaults from the late '80s and early '90s," sales manager David Peskin told AVN. "There are six scenes with Savannah, all never before seen on DVD, and this is the third installment in our Lost Footage series, the first two being Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage, which just has not stopped selling, and Ron Jeremy: The Lost Footage, and that has been re-ordering very strong, as well."

Due out next Tuesday, Sept. 8, Savannah: The Lost Footage will remind fans, Peskin promised, of what made the blonde bombshell such a legend.

"The box is beautiful, and how could it not be, with perhaps the most gorgeous porn star that's every done an adult movie," he said.

For retail sales, contact Peskin at (818) 709-7400 ext. 302 or [email protected]