Antigua Pictures Inks DVD Deal with

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Antigua Pictures has closed a deal for the worldwide DVD rights to content produced by the website

Muffia's strong, niche-oriented content has catapulted its network of sites to high Internet search rankings. According to national sales manager Dave Peskin of Antigua Pictures, the line is ripe for exploitation on DVD.

"There's a lot of excitement around what Muffia is doing," Peskin told AVN. "We are very fortunate to have acquired the rights for the DVD market - it's going to go through the roof."

The new deal with Antigua kicks off in April with the release of the "Star Trek" parody Star Trix, followed by the popular reality title Molly's Life and the Asian series Cum Fu.

"Molly's Life shows the lesbian sexual adventures a free-spirited Orange County girl," Peskin explained. "We know from watching the raw footage that everyone who sees it wishes they had Molly's life!"

Other Muffia sites coming to DVD through Antigua include My Sexy Life, Footville, It's Real, Kristin's Life, and King Dong.

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For sales and distribution info, call (818) 709-7400, or e-mail Todd Blatt at or David Peskin at