Another Day, Another Disgrace: In Barcelona With Steve Holmes

This is the second part of an article (see part 1 here) that ran in the August 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition. 

The break of morning comes once more, and it’s time to do it all over again. Murphy’s Law has already struck: The scheduled sub for the day has dropped out. But being the always prepared Boy Scout he is, Steve has secured a replacement who’s on her way even as I go sniffing around the kitchen for some coffee.

The fill-in is Melody Petite, a very new performer from Mexico whose name bears nary a trace of irony. Returning in the Dom role is Silvia Rubi, from the scene shot the day before I arrived, and joining Steve on kielbasa-swinging duty will be Juan Lucho.

Also joining us for the day is reigning, back-to-back repeat AVN Female Foreign Performer of the Year Misha Cross, who flew in from Poland just to catch up with everyone, and is amenable to jumping in as an extra as long as she’s here.

Melody’s English isn’t as good as most of the others’ has been, but she manages; in her pre-scene interview, it’s established that her safeword is “red”—or if she can’t talk, “ah, ah, ah”—and she tells Steve, “I like work with you, because it’s respectable and you take good care of me a lot.”

She also registers a great deal of excitement over getting naked in front of a crowd. “It’s good, no?” she gushes. “My body is nice, and I like to show my body in every place.”

As we’re preparing to leave the flat, she stands unassumingly near the door making a stern effort to insert a silver buttplug into her rear. Passing by, Steve sees she’s having trouble and says, “Melody, if you can take my dick in your ass, you can take this.”

He grabs it from her, stoops, licks it and gently slides it in.

Offers Misha, “Trust him, he’s a doctor.”


Above, Melody Petite and Silvia Rubi


The first place we’re heading is another public square. In the van, Steve goes over what he’d like the girls to do there. “Hopefully there’s not too many children around,” he prefaces, then tells Silvia, “I want you to take her into the center of the square and cut off her dress in the back.”

We arrive at the square. Looking it over through the window, Steve’s p.m. observes, “There’s a playground that wasn’t in the pictures.”

Perhaps this isn’t the right square, Steve speculates. A block ahead, we come upon another one. “OK, no playground,” the p.m. exhales.

There are, however, kids present, and we wait awhile for them to clear out. Once Steve decides the coast is clear enough, everyone gets into position. He’s not putting himself in this segment; he’s throwing Silvia and Melody into the fire on their own.

And in they happily walk, Silvia leading Melody right into the middle, where she places a choker around her neck and leashes her. The crowd’s curiosity is at full tilt, dozens all around pointing, staring, holding up their cameras and furrowing their brows.

Silvia parades Melody around the square and Melody waves at the onlookers. She then gets down on her hands and licks Silvia’s shoes. After a bystander walks through and waves at the camera, Silvia has Melody crawl to the opposite side of the square and back again.

Standing her up, Silvia bends Melody over, spanks her with the free end of the leash, grabs her by the hair, then produces a pair of scissors and cuts her dress wide open on the backside. Melody proudly sways her derrière back and forth to show off her protruding buttplug, and Silvia spanks her a couple of times.

As Silvia continues parading her around, a crowd member enters the shot and places a cup of water before Melody. She kneels down, takes the cup in her mouth and upends it to dump the water on her own face.

Silvia then begins leading her slowly toward the vans, and she resumes waving at the perplexed audience. After a few more beats, Steve calls for a cut, and once again everyone dashes into the vans and we peel away.

In the next spot, there’s a raised knoll-type area with a number of trees. Here, Steve has Silvia bind Melody’s arms around one of the trees, then cut up her dress some more and stuff a piece into her mouth. Once a good crowd has assembled around them, she whips Melody a bit.

When we’re pulling off this time, one excited guy throws a big thumbs up our way and begins running after the vans, bowing and yelling, “Porno star? I’m James Bond, I see you in Hollywood!”

Chuckling, Steve intones, “Everyone loves our art.”


Steve Holmes with Silvia Rubi and Melody Petite on the street in Barcelona


We are at the very last location, a none-too-fancy but rather cavernous bar. In one corner stands an almost life-sized statue of Al Pacino as Tony Montana. Again, drinks are on the house for extras and anyone else who cares to indulge.

Liz Rainbow has reappeared, presumably just to serve for this go-round as an extra. Steve gives essentially the same speech he did yesterday, and the scene is off and running. It begins with Sylvia walking Melody in on her leash through a street-front glass door to a cluster of people gathered around a foosball table where Steve and Juan are playing.

Asking Sylvia if Melody is a “public bitch,” Steve launches right into humiliation antics. He gets drinks and serves a beer to Sylvia on Melody’s ass, then pours water over the human bar tray’s head. “It’s a full-service bar,” he riffs.

It’s not long before Melody is blowing Juan … and then both Liz and Misha (who’s just been quietly observing to the side up to now) jump in. Granted, Misha refrains from any sort of sexual activity, but she gets pretty involved in other ways, spanking Liz (who has in fact joined joyfully in the b.j.), pushing her and Melody’s heads down on Juan’s meatpole and holding their noses while they gag on it. She does some making out with a girl or two as well.

Juan proceeds to fuck Melody in an array of positions, the crowd chanting and cheering all the while, until Steve blurts out, “Let’s turn her into a weird toy! Everybody follow me!”

This is where the happenings make a marked departure from what I’ve seen up to now. With shooting paused, Melody is placed in an elaborate, torturous-looking rope suspension in the opposite room, dangled face down by her torso and one leg from the rafters above.

A weird toy, indeed.

Shooting resumed, all manner of wildness ensues. Steve and Juan take her from both ends. Sylvia pulls her hair, slaps her and makes her eat her ass. Liz spanks her and rubs her pussy, and Misha jumps in and grabs her head while she blows Juan. Such a whirlwind of copulation and other such deviance is swirling before me, it’s hard to keep track of who’s doing what to whom.

Finally, Steve cuts so Melody can be freed from suspension. Addressing the group once more, he says, “Thank you for everything; now we just cum all over her pretty face.”

As he and Juan start working themselves up to that, the audience spontaneously begins singing “Macarena.”

What can you say? It’s Spain.

And thus my surreal adventure with Steve Holmes more or less draws to an end. It was without question unlike any set visit I’d gone on before, or likely will again … though who knows what the future holds? One thing, however, is quite certain: As Steve told me at the very start, there is only one place in the world you can find this peculiar, boundary-defying art, and he’s the one making it.

In turn, whether or not you consider what happens on Public Disgrace to be, well, a disgrace to the public, what cannot be denied is that within the mischievous puppet master behind it burns the renegade spirit of a true artist. And that, after all, is the crucible from which all great porn is forged.