Kicks Off Content Blowout Sale just announced a content blowout sale, offering Webmasters a low price for their content. For $500, Webmasters can get 38 photos sets (75-125 pictures per set) and 31 videos sets (12 to 25 minutes per video) including solo, blowjobs, lesbians and hardcore. Angel Content President Oliver Chagnon estimates the retail value of the package is $2906.65.

“It is a very cheap price for the content, more than 80% off, so I think that offer is good for everybody,” Chagnon president told “The goal of the content blowout sale is to raise enough money to be able to make a huge update on the site.”

“At, we sell non-exclusive content and we are also doing custom exclusive content. We can shoot all kind of content,” he continued. “I focus on the details, to make the best content that I can. I'm always trying to do my best, in my exclusive shoots and the results, from what my clients say, are good. Customer support and satisfaction is what the Ccmpany cares about. We try to make the best content that we can, and we support our clients, even very late at night.”

Webmasters who want exclusive content and some samples of Angel Content’s hardcore reality sites can email Chagnon at [email protected].

“The audience for the sale is the small Webmaster, looking to have great content at an affordable price, and also the big companies, looking for more filler content.”

The sale will run until the end of the year, and there’s even more to come from the folks at Angel Content.

“We'll be shooting more content after that sale and we'll do a huge update, so we offer you this big sale now,” added Chagnon. “I want the company to expand in the production of exclusive content for different clients and also to have a big content store at I want also to develop long term business relations with my best clients for exclusive content. We have a lot of girls here, and I want to give them all a chance to shoot for us, hence developing more business contacts will help to shoot more and the clients will be happy to see that we'll not run out of girls.”