Angela White Joins Forces With Jules Jordan for 'Dark Side'

LOS ANGELES—Tonight’s sex scene involves a chainsaw, a Jacuzzi, a thirteen-and-a-half foot snake and Angela White.

We’re standing on the pool deck in the secluded backyard of Jules Jordan’s three-story mansion in the San Fernando Valley as rap music mixes with the sounds of the waterfall cascading behind us.

I can’t believe how warm it is out here tonight,” Jordan says. “It was like 103 here today. Let’s do one thing at a time and see what happens.”

It’s 8:30 on the fourth Tuesday in July and the AVN Hall of Fame producer/director from Hershey, Pa., wants nothing left to chance for what will be an extraordinary tease sequence for his star showcase featuring the two-time and reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year from Sydney, Australia.

Wearing baggy black shorts, a loose-fitting, white t-shirt and Adidas sneakers, Jordan is in his element behind the camera for a high-stakes sex scene. The former adult video store clerk directed his first movie in 1998 on the East Coast—and 21 years later he steers an adult entertainment empire powered by his own distinctive brand of gonzo porn and complemented by a line of sex toys and a handful of additional hardcore series that he distributes through his namesake company. 

“Is that a hockey stick?” I ask him.

“It’s a chainsaw—like a pull chainsaw,” he tells me. “Yeah, I chopped off a branch so I can add more leaves into the shot.”

Jordan plans to shoot still photos and video of White while she snuggles with a 40-pound, reticulated python named Onyx before she gets naked in his hot tub with the three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year, Mick Blue.

As White receives the finishing touches on her makeup from industry go-to artist Marine, Jordan and his longtime videographer Elliot Clixx make some final adjustments on the lighting set-up while swatting away an army of bugs descending on the property.

“OK, so we’re almost ready,” Jordan declares. “We’re going to have to spend some time with the snake—just like 10 or 15 minutes.”

Jordan found the python and his owner/handler—whose nickname is Cujo—by searching hashtags on Instagram.

“I need whoever is holding the snake to sign some waivers for me,” Cujo announces within earshot of White. “I know it sounds sketchy and everything—it’s just a professional thing we gotta do.

“If it poops on your clothes, I’m not liable for that. If it bites and kills you, I’m not liable for that. For me to create an LLC I need to do that. It also covers my affiliates. So Jules would be an affiliate of mine.”

The twenty-something Cujo, whose full name is Curtis Johnson, is over 6 feet tall with an unassuming, polite demeanor. With his safari-themed shirt, camouflage green pants and leopard-print baseball cap turned backwards, he looks every bit like the snake handler on the set as he waits patiently in a lounge chair with Onyx resting in a plastic crate in front of him.

I know him pretty well and it’s my job to gauge the amount of exercise he needs,” Cujo says. “He’s been in the box for a while…”

Cujo, who is from Pasadena and now lives with his exotic animals on a 10,000-square foot lot in Riverside, turned his passion into a profession. Now he supplies snakes for everything from music videos to birthday parties. If you need a snake for any occasion, he has you covered.

“Because really what I like about this job is not only making art, but educating and to get your guys’ respect for snakes. I feel like snakes are really misunderstood as evil things,” says Cujo, who owns 12 of them. “To me, they’re dinosaurs. Dinosaurs deserve respect. This kind of gives some respect and hopefully gives you guys a lifetime experience of maybe getting over your fears.

“This is not about money for me; it’s not about being famous; it’s about art and education.”

Cujo recommends passing Onyx around before the photoshoot as we move to the middle of Jordan’s sprawling yard that’s enveloped by dozens of tropical trees.

“I want each of you to hold him and it’s going to tire him out,” Cujo says, handing Onyx to White. “It’s going to be better for what we’re trying to do right now.”

Without a hint of hesitation, White wraps the lengthy male reptile around her body like it’s a scarf. The down-to-earth superstar, who has won a record 24 AVN Awards in the past two years, exudes confidence with Onyx.

“You make my job easy; some models are freakin’ scared,” Cujo tells her. “They have to take a Xanax right before.”

White replies, “No, I like it. It feels good.”

Cujo turns to Jordan.How about you, Jules? The man of the house!”

“I’ll pass on that,” Jordan says with a smirk.

White asks Cujo, “Is it like a cat? Does it not want to be stroked the wrong way?”

You can stroke it,” Cujo tells her, explaining where the snake’s genitals are located—near the tip of his tail.

“So if you poke them they’re really sensitive. And they’ll move away really quickly.”

“Support is another really good thing we can have,” Cujo explains. “So right now he has 80 percent support. Only a little bit of his body is dangled. Simply picking him up from one point is like zero support. So I’m going to wrap him around your waist. If you’re down low, I’m going to rest his body on the ground. The more support he has, the more cooperative he’s going to be.”

White’s snake dance marks one highlight of what will be a six-scene showcase presented in a two-disc set called Angela White Dark Side. Set for release on Sept. 30, it is Jordan’s first Dark Side since 2014, when he went all in on Romi Rain—and only the fifth he has ever produced, following previous editions with now-retired stars Gina Lynn, Jenna Haze and Alexis Ford.

And to say that both Jordan and White decided to go big for the 2019 revival of Dark Side would be an understatement. The insatiable Aussie broke two personal records by doing the biggest gangbang and blowbang of her AVN Hall of Fame career.



She lassoed 2018 Male Performer of the Year Markus Dupree and Jordan in the opening double-penetration scene before inhaling 13 guys in her blowbang—which included 16 pop-shots.

Doing the honors were Chad Alva, Rob Banks, Jack Blaque, Robbie Echo, Johnny Goodluck, Steve Holmes, Eddie Jaye, Eric John, Rob Piper, Slim Poke, Will Pounder, Filthy Rich and Donny Sins.

“Some guys did two pops, obviously,” Jordan notes.

“I think when the first one did it it was like a challenge to the rest of them,” White says with a laugh. “Throwing the gauntlet down, you know.”

It was her third career blowbang. Jordan reveals White was open to whatever number of guys they could achieve that day.

“We always wanted to have extra just in case, but they all showed up, so…” Jordan says.

In the third scene of the DVD, White dealt with the notorious deep threat named Dredd—a Jordan contract guy—in a devastating anal encounter.

“That was epic, too,” Jordan says matter of factly.

Today’s tussle with Mr. Blue will be positioned fourth in the DVD, followed by the threeway with breakout star Autumn Falls—who turned 19 in August—and the Russian Rocket Markus Dupree in which both girls don pink Beach Bunny bikinis and White takes it up the ass. 

The final conquest saw our heroine devouring 11 guys in her fifth-ever gangbang as she mowed down Robbie Echo, Eddie Jaye, Eric John, Jon Jon, Mr. Pete, Rob Piper, John Strong, Prince Yahshua, Steve Holmes, Dupree and Blue.



If anyone thought White intended to take her foot off the gas pedal with the 2018 and 2019 Female Performer of the Year statuettes already on her mantle—not to mention back-to-back, fan-voted AVN Awards for Favorite Female Star and Most Spectacular Boobs—think again.

Not only did she coax out more than two dozen loads en route to personal group scene records for Dark Side, she’s also shouldering this python in 85-degree heat without even breaking a sweat.

Jordan asks her, “Can you tell he’s 40 pounds?”

“Not right now,” White says.

I just want you to get used to him,” Cujo remarks. “Not only that, but get used to the weight.”

“My nails are not going to hurt him, right?” White asks.

Nothing can hurt this guy—except the cold,” Cujo says. 

“OK, I’m going to set him down,” she announces. “I’m going to let him slither around some more.”

Jordan asks, “Would he go up that tree like he was slithering to?”

Oh yeah, they love climbing,” Cujo confirms.

“That would be horrible to get him out of the tree,” Jordan suggests. “He’d wrap around.”

Cujo tells the group if they hear Onyx breathing heavy that it’s because of his enormous lung capacity, not because he’s agitated.

“A lot of people think, oh it’s hissing. It’s mad,” Cujo says.

“I think he’s chilling. I think we’re ready. And thank you guys for taking some time to respect the animal that I hold so dear.”


While White revisits Marine to get her makeup refreshed and sprayed down with oil, Cujo tells me his mission is to treat his snakes “like stars.”

He brings a disarming sense of humor to his gigs.

“Easy boy!” Cujo shouts, as Onyx wiggles around near the edge of the yard. “Don’t worry, he hasn’t eaten mice or rats since he was a baby.”

“What does he eat now?” White asks.

“Rabbits. Or sometimes he eats cats,” Cujo tells White, as everyone goes silent.

“Just kidding… I love to see people’s reactions.”

Mick Blue, the Austrian stud who flew back from a weekend trip to Colorado earlier today, has been quietly observing the proceedings. Dressed like he’s at the beach in a t-shirt, board shorts and flip-flops, Blue couldn’t be any more calm considering he’s about to go balls deep in one of the top porn stars on the planet. He asks Cujo about Onyx’s age.

“I adopted him when he was a little bit smaller than this,” Cujo says. He drove to Arizona four years ago to pick up Onyx. “If I had to guess about 9 or 10—which is still his teenage years. He’s like a teenager right now. It’s the longest species of snake in the world. … They get up to 28 feet.”

As Jordan snaps off another round of photos, White finds her groove, moving her face inches away from Onyx’s—almost as if they're about to kiss. The tease could not be going any better and Jordan knows it.

Cujo assures White, “I know it’s tiring but hang in there.”

“My muscles are done, but I’m good. It’s like holding up a weight,” she says. “I’m glad I didn’t go to the gym this morning.”

Cujo tells Blue how he works part-time as a lab tech—around 600 other snakes.

“Part of what I’m trying to pursue is herpetology, which is the study of reptiles,” he says. “I didn’t even go to school for it; I got lucky. I just put myself out there over and over again. … I was going to school for engineering and finance at the same time. I just got sick of it, quit. Now I’m working with anti-venom.”

Blue asks, “Did you ever get bitten?”

“Oh yeah. At my work I get bit 5 to 15 times a day,” Cujo says. “Some of them are venomous. But venomous doesn’t mean that they’re deadly. There’s some that just itch. Some that make you throw up. Some that make you swell. But they’re not going to kill you.

“… Like I’m not even allowed to hold the rattlesnakes at my job. We study the blood and the resistance. … So like there’s something in their blood that makes them resistant to other poisonous snakes.”


I ask White if she’s having any fun yet.

“I am. It’s incredible—such a beautiful animal,” she tells me.

And how did she get so comfortable around snakes?

“I’ve just never been uncomfortable,” White reasons. “I think I’ve only held a snake one time before. So it’s not like I’ve had a lot of experience handling snakes. It might have something to do with the fact that I’m Australian.

“And we’re used to being around animals and bugs and things that most people find scary but…we’re brought up and taught from a young age—obviously, there are animals that you want to avoid. But there’s certainly a lot of animals in Australia that are dangerous that if you know how to act around them you should be fairly safe.”

White continues, pointing to her cheek, “When it was up here it was breathing really heavily in my ear and just flicking its tongue. You could hear its breath. It’s a really cool experience. And serpents are very sexy. They’re very sensual, the way they move, the sounds that they make. The hint of danger. There’s something very sexy about snakes.”

As the countdown to the sex scene begins, Jordan asks White to be aware of her moaning while she and Blue are handling their business.

“This is not meant to be a screaming orgasm scene,” he says. “Because I have a neighbor up here and they already see flashes [from the camera].”

She tells me what her rationale was behind wearing a black, one-piece Norma Kamali swimsuit.

“This was my choice and the reason I went for black was because I always do research on what I’m shooting and as soon as Jules said he wanted to do a snake shoot I of course went online and saw how other people shot snakes,” White explains.

“And the pattern of the snake is so bold and so beautiful that I didn’t want to wear anything that would take away from its pattern. And obviously if I wore a pattern then it would be too busy. With the diamonds on the python if I wore a pattern it would just be a mess.

“So I knew I wanted to wear something just bold and plain. And then when Jules mentioned he wanted to use the lighting set-up—which you’ll see later—I knew again that I wanted to wear something plain so that it would absorb the light. And black absorbs the most light. It had to be something that I’d wear in a Jacuzzi. I wanted it to be black; I wanted it to be plain. So black swimsuit it is…”

She adds, “And then I love accessorizing—bold golds. And gold and green go really well together.”

She also tells me it’s fine if this scene is not a screamer.

“To be honest I’m quite OK with some restrictions on the scene—like it having to be quiet,” White confesses. “Like we can’t do that many positions in a Jacuzzi. But sometimes I like having restrictions because it means that you really have to focus on the chemistry and passion. You can’t get away with, oh, we’ll just do a crazy position right now. It really has to be the energy between the two people that carries the scene. So I’m excited because I obviously have great chemistry with Mick.

“And it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a good scene. Everything that I’ve shot for this movie has been incredible so far. We still have some things to shoot but I’m very excited with how it’s turning out so far.”


Just two days ago, White shot another tease sequence at the abandoned waterpark off Interstate 15 in the Mohave Desert on the way from LA to Vegas in the community of Newberry Springs, Calif.

Closed since summer of 2004, the park lies in ruins, tagged with graffiti and without running water. 

“That was surreal being there,” White admits. “Almost like a post-apocalyptic vibe. … Every time I’ve driven to Vegas I’ve always looked at it and thought I want to shoot there. What is that place?

“So we went out the night before. And I was up at 1:30 to be in makeup at 2:30 in the morning.”

Jordan says they shot it “guerilla-style”—an approach that he’s no stranger to as a lot of his work in the early-to-mid 2000s involved risky teases in public places.

“It was crazy; we got there at sunset to scope it out and it was still 105 degrees. So we had to do it at sunrise so it was manageable. We spent the night in Barstow," he says. "The waterpark was an intro for something else that we’re doing.”

White sashayed around the park wielding red and blue smoke bombs.

“We were choking on the smoke bombs,” Jordan recalls. “It’s crazy to be there and think we’re the only ones there.”

As go-time draws closer, the convo switches to Onyx urinating.

“My concern is the snake will want to pee when it gets in water,” White says.

“Well we already put the snake in the Jacuzzi for a little bit when you were doing your makeup,” Cujo notes.

And it didn’t pee?” White asks. “Can we put Onyx very quickly into the big pool so if it’s going to pee it’s going to pee in this? So [the hot tub] is still free of snake pee…

“Because it’s going to be like diarrhea, right? Like it’s chunky… Sorry for your pool, but I feel like the chunky pee should be away from… Let’s put any chunky pee in the pool. It would be nice to have sex without chunky snake pee. … And they pee a lot.”

By this point, Mick Blue can’t help but wonder how White is able to articulate so much about a python’s bathroom tendencies, asking her, “How do you know that they pee a lot?”

“Because I’ve been peed on by a snake and I know that it comes out like diarrhea and it keeps going and going,” White replies.

They decide to let Onyx go for a dip in the main pool.

“I’ve gotta get a video of this because I’ve never had a snake in the swimming pool before,” Jordan says, grabbing his phone.

Snakes love water, Cujo says, adding they can swim up to three miles at a time.

Jordan tells White, “We’re going to need to get you naked by the time Mick comes in.”

It’s now almost midnight and time for Blue to emerge from the darkness sans clothes, hop in the Jacuzzi and drill White.

Jordan tells his right-hand man, Elliot Clixx, “Let’s get fog for Mick’s entrance.”

When you’re Mick Blue with 3500 sex scenes and three straight Performer of the Year awards on your resume, you've earned a smoky entrance before meeting a fully nude Angela White in Jules Jordan’s Jacuzzi. 

To see the trailer from Angela White Dark Side, click here. The DVD will be released on Sept. 30.


Photography courtesy of Jules Jordan Video