Andy San Dimas Is Happy ... and Swearing Off Boy/Girl Scenes

CALABASAS, Calif.—So, Andy San Dimas: How's married life?

"It's good! We're very happy!" she said, smiling broadly. "He's a musician, a guitarist for a band called Natural Born Killers."

"We met through mutual friends," she later added. "We know a lot of the same people around Hollywood, and it seems like a big city but it's really not. I go where the music is, or the music comes to me."

When she made those statements, Andy was on the set of a Sweet Sinner production tentatively titled Shades, directed by James Avalon, and about to do her last boy/girl scene with Evan Stone.

"It might not be forever-forever, but I'm not doing them; I'm not booking any as of right now," she said as she studied her script. "I'm still doing girl/girl. Girlfriends Films has shot me in the past and I haven't shot with them in a really long time, but I love working for them, so hopefully, that'll start picking up for me again. I've done a lot of girl/girl work so I'm hoping that I'll get busier in that area of my career ... but no more boy/girl."

So what will she be doing with her soon-to-be copious free time?

"You can expect to see me on webcam a lot, and I intend to continue on with my feature dancing, that I did in the past," she responded. "I kind of took a hiatus last year, just because I had a partner for a while, and decided not to have a partner anymore—not that I have anything against her. She's a good friend of mine; I just work better alone, and I work better with a partner with a natural body as opposed to someone who's 'enhanced,' because when I go on stage, no one cares if I'm next to a girl with fake boobs; that's just how it is at strip clubs. And like I said, I work better alone, but I'm hoping that I'll still be feature dancing a lot."

But real versus fake boobs was only one of the reasons she took a break from going on the road.

"I was really burnt out," she admitted. "I was going twice a month, and when I was shooting a lot of boy/girl—and people don't realize this, but I was shooting a lot of features and parodies, and it's very, very tiring. A lot of the girls that are very active in the [dance] industry shoot mostly gonzo scenes; they're only on the set four to seven hours a day, and me, I would be doing feature after feature after feature—lots of dialogue, lots of time—and my body got tired. And all the traveling and feature dancing takes a lot out of your body physically; you're covered with bruises, and sometimes you have to have a little liquid motivation to get up on stage, and that wore on me as well.

"So it's nice to get a little bit more free time, just to kind of sort out what I'm doing with my career right now, and just relax, because I don't want to look old before my time," the 25-year-old star chuckled. "Recently I started looking more like myself again. There was a period in my career about last year when I was really stressed out and I really wasn't looking like myself anymore, and I realized it was due to lack of sleep and lack of rest. I'm very happy right now and I really can't complain about anything."

So... webcam shows, eh? Are we talking solo, or might her husband join in?

"We've discussed it a little bit," Andy admitted, "but no plans of that right now, because when someone's trying to have a mainstream music career, it's important not to have your weenie all over the internet. He's mentioned wanting to go on webcam and everything, and I've kind of been the one to say, 'Are you sure? It's forever, and people do film these shows and record them and take screen shots,' so I don't think I could let that happen."

Does she have anything booked right now?

"Well, I'll be at Exxxotica in Chicago July 13 through 15," she announced. "I hope all my fans in the area will come out and see me!"