Andrew 'Spider-Man' Garfield Watched Vivid Parody for Inspiration

LOS ANGELES—Andrew Garfield, the star of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man (3D), says he has watched Axel Braun’s porn parody of the superhero movie "a few times" to get "inspiration" for his own film role. Garfield made the remarks in a interview that has now gone viral.

Speaking of Spider-ManXXX: A Porn Parody, a sexy spoof created by award-winning adult director Braun, Garfield told, "I watched it a few times. I watched it more from an inspirational stand point than from a sexual standpoint. I think you can find inspiration from anywhere when it comes to this character because it’s everyone’s; it belongs to everyone..."

Garfield began the interview with interviewer Matt Patches by asking, "What a name... That's an interviewer name. What's your porn star name?"

"I think I would stick with 'Matt Patches'," came the reply.

"But what is your—how do you..." Garfield pressed. "Your first pet's name and then your mother's maiden name?"

"I think it's 'Davis George,' but that's not—that's really..."

"'Davis George'? The most boring porn star in the world!" Garfield laughed.

"That's why I have to stick with my real name," Patches said. "Wait; what is your porn name?"

"Sticky Hillman," Garfield responded.

"That rules!" Patches exclaimed. "You're in the wrong business!"

Later, when Garfield attempted to evade a question, Patches cajoled him to answer with, "C'mon, Sticky..."

The Amazing Spider-Man (3D) opens in theaters on July 3. The parody was released last year by Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film studio. It became an instant best-seller, and won a slew of awards. A sequel, Superman Vs. Spider-ManXXX, based on the famous 1976 Marvel/DC mash-up, is scheduled for release in the fall.

"This is totally awesome!" said Braun after viewing the viral video of the interview. "It goes a long way to validate my efforts to reach out to a different demographic than the typical porn consumer, and to do justice to a character that I love. Thank you, Andrew, for the massive ego stroke."

Steven Hirsch, founder/co-CEO of Vivid, said, "It really shows how far the quality of our movies has come when a Hollywood actor acknowledges a triple X porn parody for inspiration.  I admire and respect Andrew’s candor, and I’m looking forward to seeing his version of Spider-Man on the big screen."

Founded in 1984, Vivid has always placed heavy emphasis on high quality erotic film entertainment and has created wide brand-name awareness through its films and its website, an innovative marketing and a licensing program that extends to advertising, apparel, book publishing and a range of other products. Co-founder and CEO Steven Hirsch was honored in 2012 with the first AVN Visionary Award as a leader who "has propelled innovation and taken his company and the business as a whole to new heights." In addition to its Vivid-Celeb imprint famous for celebrity sex tapes, the company is known for its Vivid SuperXXXHeroes parodies and award-winning feature films. Vivid maintains the single largest studio archive of adult films. For more on Vivid, check out its Twitter feed and Facebook page.