Andrew Blake Releases <i>House Pets</i>

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Erotic filmmaker Andrew Blake made one of his infrequent appearances in the DVD market last week when House Pets, with AVN Female Performer of the Year Sasha Grey on the cover, went out to distributors from Studio A Entertainment.

Like his 2007 DVDs X and X2 it’s made up of scenes that were first released on his membership site, But, Blake told AVN, “I’m not sure how that’s working for us at the moment. We hope people will find it there. But I’m still leaning toward the physical object.”

Blake’s DVD collections are usually triggered by his encounters with challenging new women, such as Grey, who appears in over half of House Pets’ 18 scenes.

“Sasha is just this sexual creature,” he said. “She’s all sex and a mile wide. For such a young age she’s very savvy about everything, very smart. Somehow I felt that coming away from that shoot she felt that I wasn’t using her to her potential sexually, but she did a great job and I just loved her.”

Also prominent in the mix of solo and girl-girl scenes is Elena Rivera, Blake’s “muse and nude assistant” for most of 2007. The other women are Faith Leon, Claire Adams, Courtney Page, Tristan Kingsley and Cassidey.

As in X—but not in X2—there is one boy-girl scene, with Cassidey and an uncredited male whose face is not seen. Blake caught Cassidey while she was “between contracts,” having left Vivid but not yet signed by Ninn Worx_SR. “She’s a great, sexy girl, not unlike Sasha in her sexual savvy, but she’s more of a tease and a flirt. I love that about her.”

Blake has found a new muse in 19 year-old Faye Reagan (formerly Faye Valentine), who’s on the roster of the A List Talent agency. “Beautiful redhead, natural boobs, just exquisite. I’m going to design a whole piece around her. I’m going to concentrate on her for a little while and eventually collect it all into a DVD.”

Blake said he was not “discounting the website,” but he realizes his core consumers tend to be more object-oriented. “My audience is not twentysomething. They’re more educated, older, mostly male, who appreciate the beauty of the woman as opposed to just wham bam thank you ma’am.

“My style is evolving. I’m looking to possibly go into the fine arts business. That’s something I’ve had on my mind for a long time but I wasn’t sure how to do it.”

The idea crystallized when he released X2, calling it “Cinema Abstract.” He would do “one of a kind pieces that would be released in editions of—I don’t know how many—as site-specific video installation pieces, in homes. There’s lots of people that collect this, that have a lot of money.”

Blake has become increasingly disheartened by having to deal with piracy of his product. “The minute you release it it’s all over the place, illegally. That’s why I think that for me, to have a new revenue stream in the fine arts world, which I have a pretty good connection with right now… we’ll see how that goes, and just try to do pieces that will be collectible.”

He shoots his scenes (always on Super-16 film) “on multi-day shoots, every now and then, probably two or three times a month. I think that gives the whole thing much more diversity than if I went out and shot consecutively for eight days or whatever. Faye Reagan will be my next subject.”

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