Anarchy Trademarks <i>Playing With...</i> Line

Anarchy Films has officially trademarked its AVN award-nominated Playing With... interactive line.

"Playing With... is a lot of my business," owner Oren told AVN. "I'm doing about ten a year, and I wanted to prevent copying the look of the packaging. As soon as I heard that another company tried to do it, I called a lawyer and I said, 'Hey, we have to trademark it.' It's one of the best-selling interactives out there, so I decided to protect myself.

"Everybody recognized it as the green package, so basically I trademarked the color, the green color, [and] the font," Oren continued. "The next one, Playing With Mrs. Claus, will be the first one with the trademark on it. And from now on, every time I have to re-replicate it, I'm going to put the 'TM' on all of the other 40 titles."

Playing With Mrs. Claus stars Devon Monroe and is due in stores Nov. 21.