Anarchy Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Launches Black Orchid

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Anarchy Films, which celebrates its 5th anniversary this month, has launched Black Orchid, a label specializing in high-end all-black and interracial product. According to Anarchy’s general manager Oren Ovadia, the series aims to put African-American performers “up high on a pedestal.”

“I wanted to open a black company that did not degrade or disrespect black people,” explained Ovadia. “There’s an audience out there that wants to see hot black chicks with good looking guys having hot sex without all that hoopla around it. Not all black people have a huge dick; not all black women weigh 300lbs. I have read many blogs where people ask ‘why are black people being portrayed this way?’ A lot of the movies out there are almost making fun of the black talent.”

Black Orchid will initially release 2 titles a month, each featuring 5 beautiful and physically fit black women. “I was talking to people in broadcasting and they all say, ‘we need black on black, but we need movies we can broadcast on cable and that people will want to buy.’ With Black Orchid, we will offer top- notch productions starring beautiful black girls. They will be true representations of black on black sex.”

Ovadia will also make pricing on Black Orchid product competitive. “I realized most of the new black companies are selling to the distributor at $4 to $5 more than other movies,” noted Ovadia. “I can create a black line that’s affordable to distributors—that way they can pass savings to the consumers. I can make it for the price of white movie and reach a bigger audience.”

Black Orchid’s first release is Baby’s Got Junk in Da Trunk starring Carmen Hayes, Kapri Styles, Pussikat, Pleasure Bunny, Cameron Luv, and Aleera Flair.

Founded in October of 2002, Anarchy Films has produced 250 titles. “I still remember my first title, Internal Explosion,” recalled Ovadia. “When I opened up, there were maybe 120 companies. Now, you have new companies opening up every month.”

According to Ovadia, the secret to Anarchy’s success lies in its ability to adapt to the evolving marketplace. “From my first day, I believed in pursuing the internet in the same way as I did with retailers," he said. "I built my company on internet 50% on 25% domestic and 25% foreign. And, it’s all about building the catalogue. When you open your company, you work for your title—you invest the money and hopefully make profit. When you’re a more established company, the title works for you.”

Baby’s Got Junk in Da Trunk streets today!