Anabolic's Ivan To Promote 'Roadside Killer' At Fangoria Convention

LOS ANGELES - Anabolic director Ivan will be promoting his horror-comedy series Roadside Killer at Fangoria's upcoming Weekend of Horrors convention. The expo runs April 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Ivan's porn credits include such titles as Dawn of the Head and Texas Asshole Massacre, both of which received Best Comedy nominations at the AVN Awards. Outside of the adult industry, he has been making horror movies for 10 years under his real name, Slava Seiderman (Y2K: Shutdown Detected, Shining On.)

'Roadside Killer' centers on an incontinent serial murderer named Stanley Simmons. A promotional synopsis explains Stanley's motivation as follows:

"What would you do if you were ridiculed and made fun of your entire life? Where would it lead your mind, body, and soul knowing that you would urinate on yourself ... anywhere! Anytime! How would it feel going from baby diapers to adult diapers for your entire life? And having to wear a gas mask, just not to smell yourself? How would you ease this pain? Stanley Simmons found a way."

The Fangoria Weekend of Horrors is the biggest convention of its kind. Guests scheduled to appear this year include George Romero, Joe Dante and Clive Barker.

"Last year we screened part one of Roadside Killer at Weekend of Horrors; this year we are actually getting a table/booth to promote the series," Ivan told AVN. "We are two episodes in. Part 2 is called Roadside Killer 2: A Very Special Black Christmas. It's an homage to the [Bob Clark] classic. We also have shot a Roadside Killer 2.5, which is our killer taking a break at a local carnival. 

"My partner and I are both directors, writers, producers," Ivan continued. "He concentrates on the actors and I do the technical/cinematography part.  We are in the process of doing another short and looking for victims for it. And we are writing a feature length script and hopefully can get funding or at least begin production ourselves."   

The cast and crew of 'Roadside Killer' will join Ivan at his Fangoria convention table to give out prizes and promo swag including free T-shirts and DVDs. The first ten ladies to contact Ivan about attending the Fango show will receive free general admission and a 'Roadside Killer' tee to wear on the convention floor.

Ivan currently directs several strong gonzo lines for Anabolic, including Sweet Cheeks, Teenage Anal Princess, Bring 'Um Young, Creamplosions, A2M, Sweet & Petite and Nice Rack.

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