Anabolic's Coliseum Saga Continues, Courtesy of Aurora Snow

CYBERSPACE—A look at the listing for The Gangbang Girl 32 on the Internet Adult Film Database ( reveals that besides the three main female participants—Gauge, Olivia Saint and Kimberly Franklin—and the 14 male performers, there are three non-sex performers listed as well: Judy Star, Kim Chambers ... and Aurora Snow, who's now penned an article for recounting her experiences on "the set," which as AVN reported yesterday just happened to be the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Female non-sex performers at gangbangs often serve as "fluffers," since no woman can handle more than three or four guys at one time on-camera, and the other guys have to remain hard as they wait their turn at the pussy, ass, mouth or hand—we know; you're asking, 'What about the armpit?" but we have no answer—and while Aurora recalls that her participation was as "a cheerleader, there to motivate the men with the occasional topless flash and panty-teasing skirt flip," others may have taken a more "hands-on" (not to mention "mouth-on") approach. For instance, Kim Chambers was then married to Scott Styles, one of the gangbangers, so it's likely that her presence provided more help than mere tease.

In any case, Aurora tells of how awestruck she was with the Coliseum location.

"I'll never forget the sense of awe from being in such a famous locker room for an XXX production," she wrote. "It was the most memorable place I have ever been for an adult film. And that was the consensus among us all: 'Wow. This is damn cool! We're shooting porn at USC.'"

"It was the kind of thing we all wanted to shout with excitement," she continued. "This was the Trojan's Coliseum. Unprecedented. I knew it had never been done before. Something big was about to happen, history was about to be made and yet we couldn't share what we did publicly." 

Indeed; early in the article, she talks about how, as a non-sex performer, she wandered around "backstage" with her video camera, recording the actors getting ready for their scene—until an unnamed person caught her and forced her to delete the footage.

Aurora also remembers the police helicopters circling overhead, and even that it had shined its searchlight onto the group having sex on the field below.

"My heart sank," was her reaction to seeing the cop copter. "I'd never been to jail and for a brief moment thought I was about to be in trouble for getting caught despite not even being naked.

"Some performers paused mid-stroke to look up, others awaiting their turn with the girl shrank from the chopper's spotlight," she continued. "The show-offs already on the girl continued with the job at hand. Sometimes being in porn is about giving a show to whoever is willing to watch—that night it was a police helicopter. The police circled above, hovering, taking in the show. When they had their fill, they left. And, since they didn't return, we thought what we were doing was perfectly legal."

One source has informed AVN that the moving force behind yesterday's Los Angeles Times story was one of official corruption, implying that there was something amiss about the Coliseum being rented out for a porn shoot when it would otherwise be lying idle, and Aurora seems to have picked up on that concept as well.

"There was a guy who we met there that let everyone one in, and he was probably the same person who locked up for us afterwards," she reported, adding later, "With the information we had at the time, it never crossed our minds that this was state owned property, paid for by tax-payers. This was quite possibly the most expensive and famous location we had ever filmed on, and it never would have occurred to me that something was amiss."

It wouldn't have occurred to us, either ... but then again, we're not politicians who may smell higher status waiting at the outcome of an investigation, however misguided, of "political corruption."