Amy Fisher Promotes Sex Tape At AEE

LAS VEGAS - Amy Fisher is promoting her hot-selling Red Light District sex video at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

Although initial reports indicated that the notorious 'Long Island Lolita' was upset about her husband Lou Bellera selling explicit footage of the couple, she has now embraced her porn fame.

"I wasn't upset because the sex," Fisher told AVN. "I love sex; everybody has sex. I was upset at first because I felt my husband betrayed me. But I'm fine with it now. I saw the video, and I think I look freakin' hot. When I'm 60 years old, I'm going to look back at my video and say, 'I was freakin' hot.'"

Bellera sold the hardcore footage to Red Light District while the couple was going through a divorce. They have since reconciled, but Bellera did not inform Fisher of the sale until after Red Light announced the release of Amy Fisher Caught On Tape.

"My husband [Bellera] is a video producer; he films professional quality movies, so we have home movies that were filmed for years," Fisher said. "He sold the entire video collection to Red Light, so they have probably a thousand hours of video. They picked what they llked and made their own movie. Frankly, they could probably make 15 more movies out of the footage that they have."

Asked about Red Light's recent announcement of a Joey Buttafuoco sex tape, Fisher said: "I can't really comment. If you view his sex tape, you'll find out why we're not together anymore."

Although Fisher and Buttafuoco briefly reunited with talk of a reality show on their relationship, she said that there is no chance of a Joey and Amy Caught On Tape. "I got back together with my husband, and he does not want me hanging out with Joey," she said. "We talk, but we have no physical contact."

Fisher told AVN that she was enjoying her trip to the adult expo.

"All the women look phenomenal," she said. "I have no problem with the adult industry; I actually find it fascinating. The adult industry has embraced me in a kinder way than the mainstream media, so I'm having a ball with it."