Amy Fisher Husband Bellera Discusses Stern Run-In

NEW YORK — Lou Bellera, husband of Amy Fisher and co-star of her Red Light District sex video Amy Fisher: Caught on Tape, called AVN Thursday to address the incidents surrounding her appearance yesterday morning on "The Howard Stern Show."

Fisher walked off the show just minutes into her interview when Stern put through a phone call from Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter Jessica. Bellera called into the show shortly thereafter to defend Fisher, saying she had been promised no phone calls would be taken during her appearance.

"My wife said, 'Well hold on a second, we agreed not to take any calls,' and he said, 'Well, it's my show, we're gonna take the call,'" Bellera told AVN. "We had a preliminary agreement with [the show] that ... we'll talk about anything. We'll make it fun, we'll make it light-spirited - you want to talk about the tape, you want to talk about sex, whatever you want to talk about, we'll have a good time. As long as Howard doesn't refer to her in criminal terms, because she's not a criminal. She paid the price. And as long as you don't take any phone interviews. And they agreed. Then as soon as the interview started, her ass just touched the seat ... 'We have our first caller of the day.'"

Another point of contention was whether Stern's bookers originally pursued Fisher to make the appearance or she approached them.

Bellera claimed, "They called my wife up to do the interview via Red Light, and not [vice versa]. So when I called back on the radio to speak to Howard, he was under the impression that we wanted to go on; I said, 'No, your people wanted my wife to go on,' and I documented that with a letter from [the show] to Larry Schwarz at Red Light."

Nevertheless, Stern maintained on the show that he would never allow an agreement to be made with a guest stipulating that no outside calls be taken during the interview, and in fact expressed some relief that Fisher's visit was cut short.

In explanation of Fisher's abrupt exit, Bellera said, "Obviously, Jessica has written off her father, won't even talk to him. What is she gonna say to my wife that my wife hasn't already explained to Mary Jo? So my wife said, 'Look, I'm sorry,' and politely got up and left."

Following Fisher's exit, Bellera said, "I [spoke] with [a show representative], and he was completely apologetic, and he was a gentleman about it and explained that he thought everybody was on the same page and it was a miscommunication, and that he would like to have us on the show again. And I said, 'Look, we don't mind, we like Howard. But make sure that the request that we make in advance is honored, you keep your word about it,' and he said he would."

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