Amy Fisher Dishes on ‘Deep Inside’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Amy Fisher, as much mainstream media has been bustling over the past few days, has made her official debut as a full-fledged porn star in the Dream Zone Entertainment release Deep Inside Amy Fisher, which hit stores yesterday.

Fisher spoke with AVN this afternoon about her foray into professionally produced pornography, which the world is in for a lot more of in the near future, by way of her eight-picture deal with Dream Zone.

Saying she decided to go whole hog with her porn career based upon the huge success of her amateur sex tape from three years ago, Fisher admitted that doing it with a professional crew is a whole other ballgame.

“I thought you just have sex and they film it and you leave. I didn’t realize that there’s positioning and the cameramen and light men, and they’re powdering your nose,” she explained. “It’s no joke. You’re bent over and you got the man with the powder puff touching up your nose.”

Not that she didn’t enjoy the experience. “I had a lot of fun with it, I really did,” Fisher said. “I feel invigorated. It was a really good experience. I think everybody should try it once.”

Fisher partners in the movie with big-name porn pros Tommy Gunn, Dale DaBone, Marcus London and Lisa Ann—all of whom she hand-picked judging by “a combination of popularity and hotness.”  

And she was not disappointed with her selections. “They were all wonderful,” she said. “But they’re all A-list stars anyway, they know what they’re doing. And they taught me a thing or two or three.”

Fisher has two more Dream Zone titles in the can already, and said beyond those, which are all wall-to-wall sex vids, “I’d like to get more into the parodies and more acting, but we’ll see what happens. I play it by ear.”

This turnaround of Fisher’s from her proclamation in 2007 that she had no intention of becoming a professional porn star prompted her to issue an “apology” on the show where she made that proclamation, Maury, during a return appearance yesterday.

“I was a bad little girl,” she told AVN. “I said three years ago I wouldn’t make porn movies; I misspoke. I apologized for speaking before thinking. When you’re wrong, you say you’re sorry, right?”

Fisher said she’s mystified by why people question this decision. “‘Why porn?’ That’s what everybody wants to know,” she related. “They want to tell you porn is bad. The only thing is, everybody watches it. They just don’t tell anybody. It’s like peeing in the shower—you ask a roomful of people, ‘So do all of you pee in the shower?’ everybody’s going to shake their head ‘no.’ But they all do.”

Amy Fisher will be continuing to promote Deep Inside and her coming projects on other high-profile shows in the days ahead, including Geraldo, where she’s scheduled to appear next Saturday night, Oct. 9.

And as for what viewers can expect from those impending releases, Fisher exclaimed, “A lot of sex ... I do not disappoint in the sex department. I said if I’m gonna do adult films, I’m gonna give ‘em sex!”

See a gallery of stills from Deep Inside Amy Fisher here.