Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco Together Again on "Maury"

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – "Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher and the man she was prepared to kill for, Joey Buttafuoco, will appear together on "The Maury Show" today at 10 a.m EST. Check your local listings for times and stations in your area.

Fisher who has recently been in the spotlight again after the release of Amy Fisher Caught on Tape, a best-selling celebrity sex tape from Red Light District, made headlines in 1992 after snapping off a round from a small-caliber weapon into the head of her then-lover Buttafuoco's wife. Fisher served seven years in prison for aggravated assault as a result.

Buttafuoco will also get the celebrity sex tape treatment when Red Light District releases Joey Buttafuoco Caught on Tape on February 26.

Larry Schwarz, Red Light District's director of public relations, said of today's show, "It's the first time they've appeared together on any live TV or radio show."

Anyone who loves tabloid TV fireworks is urged to tune in.