Amber Lynn Returns In Three Comeback Movies

LOS ANGELES - AVN Hall of Famer Amber Lynn is back, appearing in three new releases from Tom Byron Pictures, Evasive Angles and Wicked Pictures.

"I didn't plan this as a comeback, but you can use that word," Amber told AVN. "I did these three movies for people I've known for years who asked me to perform. Right now, I'm taking it slow and being very selective about what I do."

The legendary blond superstar left the adult industry for two years before resurfacing in a handful of scenes in 2007, including SexZ Pictures’ The Real Boogie Nights and MILF-oriented titles for Naughty America and Smash Pictures. She views her current slate of titles as her official return to porn, and happily embraces her newfound MILF appeal.

“I love the MILF thing,” said Amber. "I’ve always been a person who loves role-playing in my personal life, so to do it professionally brings a lot of excitement for me. A lot of the girls don’t like to do MILF scenes, and they’ll ask me, ‘Why are you always doing these scenes?’ – I tell them it just happens to be the role that they’re handing out and I just think it’s really fun.”

Amber reconnected with her industry friends when Seka invited her to join an October 2007 in-store signing at Castle Megastores in Tacoma, Washington. Along with Seka and Amber, the historic 'Legends of Porn' event included Ginger Lynn, Randy West, T.T. Boy, Ron Jeremy, Kylie Ireland, Nina Hartley, Veronica Hart and Randy Spears.

"I hadn’t seen anybody for a long time, and it was so funny to be back around the old gang, the old-school people," said Amber. "We were just trading stories, and it was like we hadn’t missed a beat or day. We had so much fun; we all went back to the hotel, took over the bar and closed it down for a private party."

It wasn't long before talk turned to work, and Amber found herself fielding offers from her old friends. She quickly agreed to appear in projects for Spears and T.T. Boy.

Spears directed Lynn in a scene with AVN's 2008 Male Performer of the Year Evan Stone for the Wicked Pictures release Housewives of Amber Lane, due out May 14.

"It's great to have Amber in the movie; she's a legend," Spears told AVN. "I remember the first time I met her, she felt a little untouchable like I was in the presence of a real movie star. She makes you feel comfortable very quickly, and we've known each other for a long, long time. I was going to do the scene with her initially, but some things got moved around in production and it fell to where she performed with Evan Stone. We ended up making Amber the marquee attraction and renaming the movie after her."

"The scene with Evan Stone was really intense," she said. "The movie was originally called Cougar Lane, and they've now retitled it Housewives of Amber Lane. That was the highest production value that I’ve seen in a picture since I did the Babewatch series for Sin City years ago. The added surprise was that Julia Ann, a superstar in our business, was doing makeup. It was so great to walk on the set and be surprised by Julia Ann being there."

Next, Amber shot an interracial scene with Charlie Mac for director Marc Anthony's Desperate Wives & Mothers 8, available now from T.T. Boy's company Evasive Angles.

“When T.T. approached me to do an interracial scene, I looked at him and I said, ‘what race?’ We didn’t call it interracial back in the day! It wasn’t segregated like that," Amber. "They started laughing at me.”

Although she was wary of T.T. Boy's rep based on warnings from her brother Buck Adams, Amber said she knows what it's like to be tagged as a black sheep and reserved judgment for herself. When she ran into T.T. at the Eddie's Kids fundraiser last year, she was impressed with his professionalism.

“I had heard all these things about T.T. being a real tough guy, but I had nothing but the most professional experience with him," she said. "He’s a real class act; he did a great box cover and he really let me be involved in every step of the production and I really appreciated that.”

After wrapping her scenes for Wicked and Evasive in December, Amber received a call that landed her in Tom Byron's series Seasoned Players.

"I picked up the phone on Christmas Eve, and it was Ginger Lynn,” Amber explained. “She said, ‘Hey, I’m doing this project with Tom Byron, and we would never want to do this without you being in it.’ I said I’d love to – put him on the phone!”

Byron wanted to shoot Ginger and Amber in the same scene, but scheduling dictated that the two scenes be shot separately. Both will be included in the fourth installment of the series.

“Tommy and I have a history from when we were really young, so it was a lot of fun,” said Amber. “When I got to the set, he had these pictures up on the computer. He goes, do you remember this? There was a shot where he’s got a mullet and I’ve got that teased hair…I was in my punk phase. I asked him, ‘is that the last time we had sex?’ He said yes. Then we did the scene, and it had such great energy; when you know the person and you’re comfortable together, there’s no trying to be something you’re not.”

Originally discovered by Althea Flynt, Amber started her adult career as a magazine model. She credits Ginger Lynn as a big inspiration for her subsequent crossover to adult video.

"At the time, they used to separate the two things - you either did magazines or you did hardcore," Lynn said. "When Ginger was really new, we wound up at a party at Harry Reems' house together. That was the first time I ever did a girl/girl scene - it was with Ginger, offscreen! Ginger and I both had the same middle and last name, so that’s where the shared last name came from – we were very young girls, and you know how young girls are - we thought it would be fun to be like sisters."

Thanks to the wonders of the internet misinformation age, some online sources claim Amber, Ginger and Porsche Lynn were known during the '80s as "the three Lynns." Of course, anyone who worked in the industry or followed porn at the time knows that isn't true.

"Somebody pulled that off a Wikipedia article," said Amber. "I think it was derived from a press thing that Tom Byron started. Ginger came into the business before me, and she was a very big catalyst in my getting into the industry. But Porsche came later; she was brought in by Reuben Sturman. I don't recall hearing 'the three Lynns' back then."

AVN asked Amber about the contrast between the classic porn scene of the ‘80s and today’s industry.

“The business was much smaller, and it was still very underground,” she said. “We were just coming into the video era. But we were already absorbed into the industry as that began, so it wasn’t like I experienced the feeling of the change. I dated Jamie Gillis early in my career, and when I first got in the biz, he was still taking me to the Pussycat Theater to see my movies. That was something we would do for kicks; the real raincoat crowd was going on then. It was just sort of the Wild West back then.”

While she looks back on her experiences in the '80s with fondness, Amber is most excited about the current resurgence in her career. She is writing a script for a couples’ porn feature she hopes to make this year, planning a photo shoot and possible tour with Seka and fielding offers from major adult studios including Teravision.

"I got an e-mail from Evan Seinfeld this week and he said that he and Tera really want to work with me," she said. "I had talked with them about doing it before and something got in the way. So I'm hoping it happens this time; I told Evan, 'let’s put our heads together and plan something really big.'"

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