Amber Lynn, Bill Margold Organize 'No on B' Event for Sunday

LOS ANGELES—Legendary adult star Amber Lynn and industry historian Bill Margold have scheduled a "No on Measure B" event for Sunday, Nov. 4 from 12-4 p.m. at the Deja Vu gentlemen's club in North Hollywood. Lynn told AVN that the event's purpose is to function as an awareness campaign for Measure B.

"Bill Margold and I put this together," Lynn said. "This event is meant to be the last opportunity for performers to get together in front of the fans and press, put on a united front and show everyone that we're responsible adults capable of making the right decisions and putting faces to who the law is going to most directly effect."

Lynn explained that she's been working nights at Deja Vu for the past year while she writes her book and that she's banking on a big turnout because this is one of the last opportunities for the industry to come together in unison against Measure B before Election Day on Nov. 6.

"I want to get as much press as possible and I'm banking on performers' star power to get the media interested, and for people to come out," Lynn said. "The idea behind this event is to keep the issue fresh in the voters' minds and reach them far and wide across the county. This is our opportunity as an industry to rock the vote, so I'm calling out to everyone this is very important to attend."

Activities at Deja Vu include a lingerie auction, raffles, shows and an erotic balloon battle between adult stars outside the club. Admission to the event is $20 and open to the public—"everyone from performers who don't want to wear condoms, to fans who don't want to see condoms in their porn," Lynn explained.

Margold said that the giveaways for attendees will include DVDs, posters, lingerie, costumes, t-shirts and more. "The money [charged for the event] is not going anywhere but to the people that perform at the event," he said.

Lynn railed against AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein's negative campaigning against porn performers, saying that he's running a campaign that's harming performers' reputations and banking on old stereotypes.

"It's important that adult performers reach out to the public to create a positive image, a real and truthful image, to contradict the negative image that Weinstein and AHF are putting out all over the place," Lynn said. "It's time for the performers to use our star power and show the voters who we really are.

Deja Vu is located at 7350 Coldwater Canyon Avenue in North Hollywood. For more information call (818) 982-1199.