Gets Overhaul

The AmateurMasters webmaster chat and resource board announced its new look Tuesday.

One of the most popular boards among newbies, amateur webmasters, and amateur program owners, AmateurMasters has adopted a thread-based system using the Vbulletin Script. In addition, the moderators have “tightened up” the forum’s look and added some popular features.

“AmateurMasters has been the source for amateur and solo-girl site webmasters, affiliates, and newbies for several years,” says Brett Lamar, one of the owners. “AmateurMasters wanted to open up our arms to the entire adult community, and the first step was giving them a source that they are familiar with. The script that powers AmateurMasters has changed, but what we call community that keeps us unique will not.”

One of the features added with the new script is the ability to incorporate signatures. The new thread-based system is easier to read, and the format is also one that is familiar to webmasters who post on other boards.

“We are very happy with the new look,” says Lamar. “Many of the bells and whistles that made AmateurMasters one of the most unique boards are still there. The look, however, is a little more appealing and familiar.”