Amanda Knox Interviews Brett Rossi for 'Scarlet Letter Reports'

LOS ANGELES—Famed figure of intrigue Amanda Knox sits down with adult star Brett Rossi for the fifth episode of Knox's Facebook Watch series The Scarlet Letter Reports to discuss the public rebuke Rossi faced after filing charges of abuse against former fiancé Charlie Sheen.

The series, produced by Vice Media women's issues arm Broadly, aims to explore "the deeply personal journey into what it's like for women to be publicly shamed—often construed as sexual villains by the media—and how you rebuild your life after," according to its Facebook page. Knox speaks in the second episode about her own experiences with this throughout her ordeal that started in 2007, when she was charged with murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Italy. Knox spent four years in an Italian prison on the charge but was ultimately exonerated. The entire story is recounted in the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox

Knox begins Rossi's episode of Scarlet Letter Reports by commenting, "As someone whose sexuality has also been treated as evidence of guilt, and whose most intimate and traumatic experiences have also been picked apart in the media, I want to treat Brett's story with the seriousness it deserves."

After having Rossi relay a brief overview of her career in adult and how she met Sheen, Knox elicits details from the performer about the abusive behavior Rossi says the Hollywood star began to exhibit. She then compares her own experience with Rossi's of being dragged through the tabloid mud while fighting a highly publicized legal battle, and delves into how Rossi's story plays into the #MeToo movemont—something Rossi previously commented about in a late-April op-ed for the Broadly website. 

In closing the piece, Knox remarks, "This is a moment that sex workers can seize to reinforce the idea that they're human beings, too. Women in the sex industry are more likely to suffer abuse, assault and murder than the general population. That's why it's imperative that the #MeToo movement embraces them. And as the #MeToo movement grows and evolves, I trust that's going to happen."

A closing title card also notes, "Charlie Sheen has denied Brett Rossi's allegations. Rossi's lawsuit against Sheen is still pending."

View the entire piece here.

Screen shot taken from The Scarlet Letter Reports Facebook page.