Alyx Fox's Foxhouse Films Releases 'Hot For Vicky'

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Pink & White Productions announces the online premiere of Foxhouse Film's Hot For Vicky, the latest addition to, the company's VOD hub for indie and emerging adult filmmakers. Coinciding with the release, Foxhouse director Alyx Fox discusses the ethics and artistry in producing BDSM porn which features trans women.

Approaching its second year in operation, Foxhouse Films and its director Alyx Fox have already garnered international attention for their commitment to high-quality, queer-focused BDSM films. They've hit best-seller lists with films like Cheat on Chelsea, which was at the top of the transsexual charts on AEBN, and Whore Hole named Best in Porn of 2015 by HotMovies. Foxhouse's works have screened globally from Cinekink and MIXNYC to the Berlin Porn Film Festival and the Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival. 

Known for pushing the boundaries of porn, the success of Foxhouse's films is proof that adult videos can portray diverse genders and sexuality, and that this is especially true in presenting trans women's sexualities that exceed the stereotypical limitations prevalent within the trans porn genre.

"Most people are pretty much stuck in the Caitlyn debate phase when it comes to trans issues," Alyx opined. The biggest issues concerning trans women in the porn industry, she ventured, is "the fact that trans women who don’t have surgery are limited to certain kinds of roles and are often referred to using slurs, which is not a good thing, but on the other hand there is a porn niche where trans performers can make a career based on that fetish."

She noted the importance of visibility for trans women who have had surgery, stating, "There isn’t an existing niche so it’s more about whether or not these women will be given the opportunity to perform in roles usually reserved for cis women."

It was the lack of media that drew Alyx to become a pornographer. "Going into it years ago, I really had very little idea of what to expect because there was literally nothing out there other than scary medical photos. We need more media that is sexier. It would be cool for people to know at least it’s possible for women who have had surgery to fuck hard, cum, and even squirt."

Trans women experience sexuality in many ways, and this variety is important to see in porn. When asked what advice Alyx would give to producers who hire trans women, she stated, "Listen to what your performers want, because there is no single way that trans women have sex or enjoy sex."

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