Alpha Blue Archives Releases 4 New Box Sets Of Rare Avon Titles

OAKLAND, CA—Specialists in bizarre and obscure 1970s and 1980s adult films, Alpha Blue Archives announced four new box sets in their popular Avon Dynasty series today. Titled Dark Side, Manhattan Vice, Neon Nights, and Mean Streets, each four-DVD set promises hours of classic but forgotten films sure to please even the most jaded porn collector.

Highlights of the sets include On the Street, a newly discovered mid-1970s interracial roughie about sexually violent NYC street gangs; Smoker (uncut), a bizarre tale of terrorism which includes 18 minutes of footage cut from the previous video version; and newly unearthed 16mm film prints of smut auteur Shaun Costello's Baby Oil and The School For Sexual Arts, plus much more!

Avon Films' unusual story began in the 1970s when Times Square's Avon Theaters began producing films to satisfy their perverted customers' increasingly bizarre tastes. A variety of misfit outsider filmmakers and lifestyle kink fetish freaks found homes with the Avon family. From street smart and action packed "one day wonders" to some of the hardest examples of fetish cinema produced to this day, Avon cornered the market on purely-distilled 42nd Street sleaze.

These four box sets make a total of nearly 60 lost and forgotten films available to the public after over 30 years in obscurity, many for the first time on home video. These releases follow the four popular previous volumes in the series: Avon 1980s, Sick 1970s, Joe Davian Collection and Shaun Costello Collection, which received critical acclaim from The box sets are available directly from Alpha Blue Archives and also from