Almighty Asses in Stefano's <i>Ass Almighty</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Director/performer Michael Stefano's latest Red Light District release hits stores today, and he's proud of the results.

Speaking to, Stefano said of his new interracial project, "I love the black women. I give love to everybody."

Stefano's also a lover of the female posterior. "I'm an ass guy," he said. "That's my favorite part of a woman's body. I had another ass line, Ultimate Asses, but I wanted to do something a little different because I got burned out on the other thing."

The director's salvation from the boredom came from a surprising source. Stefano said, "Lately I've been into big, fat asses sitting on your face. You know, really smothering you until you can't breathe. So I wanted to put that kind of fetish into the movie and some sex too. There's a lot of face-sitting, smothering and all kinds of shit like that."

As for the title, Stefano explained, "The title? I thought it was pretty cool. Ass Almighty means the best of the best, right?"

The search for the almighty asses of the title took some time. According to Stefano, "I tried to pick the biggest, roundest butts. I don't shoot that often, so I had time to go through all the sites and pick out the girls with the biggest asses who I knew would be good for the gig. I assembled the biggest asses I could find."

Working with Stefano on this project is another industry veteran, Manuel Ferrara. "He and I are the only two guys in this movie," said Stefano. "I think we're really good at that. It's not just a dick going into a pussy. We connect with these women. There's a lot of interaction with the girls in this movie. And Manuel and I really get off on the face-sitting."

Red Light District's director of publicity Larry Schwarz added, "These guys make love to the girls. The girls, in turn, are obviously in love with them. This is not just a performance for the camera. They're all having a great time together."

Ass Almighty also stars Pinky, Angel Eyes, Tia Sweets, Mya G and Raven Sky.

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