All Worlds' <i>Raw 2</i> Ready for Xmas

Director Doug Jeffries' followup to his acclaimed sexual thriller Raw will be released in December, All Worlds Video announced today.

In Raw 2, incarcerated scientist Dr. Shira (once again played by Fay Dubois), driven insane — well, more insane — by her sexual experiments and punishments of "sexual deviants," has become the guinea pig as Zak Spears sets about extracting dark fantasy after dark fantasy from her fevered mind.

“This is a great movie with something for everyone,” Jeffries stated in a press release issued after filming was completed. “We’ve got baseball players, sailors, guys in church, and even a leather dungeon scene. Best of all, Zak and Fay did an amazing job with their scenes. Not only is Zak a fucking hot sexual performer, but he matched Fay in intensity and acting ability.”

Also in the cast are All Worlds Video exclusive Kevin Brown, Rik Jammer, Brock Webster, Blu Kennedy, Sledge Sawyer, Pete Ross, and Diego Pastores. First-timers making their XXX-feature debuts are Tony Ryder, Matt Martin, and Scott Swann.

“The sexual chemistry generated by these guys was just plain hot,” Jeffries went on to say. “The whole cast was fantastic and it was a great mix of fan favorites and hot new up-and-comers. Our gorgeous exclusive Kevin Brown gave us his best sexual performance to date, and I am really excited about the performances we got out of the new talent introduced in this film: Scott, Tony, and Matt.”

Because of controversial material, an exclusive Directors Cut of the video is being prepared and will only be available directly from All Worlds Video.

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