Alex De Renzy Tribute Starts Tonight in San Francisco

The Institute For The Advanced Study of Human Sexuality will host a retrospective of the work of deceased legendary director Alex De Renzy from December 12th through the 14th.

Carol Maniscalco, the widow of De Renzy, recently donated her husband’s complete body of work to the Institute. It included everything from De Renzy’s body of work including thousands of his films.

De Renzy’s work is now in the caring hands of Ted McIlvenna, M.Div., Ph. D., president of the Institute. The Institute is currently setting up a trust within The Exodus Trust Archive which will be set up as a library on the life and times of De Renzy as an artist. The Exodus Trust Archive is a non-profit arm of the Institute. Its sole purpose is to collect and preserve erotic heritage.

This collection includes untouched original De Renzy film footage. These are the original versions of De Renzy’s films before they were censored and re-edited by distributors. This collection includes Alex de Renzy’s famous classics: Babyface, Pretty Peaches (complete with Desiree Cousteau’s famous enema scene, Femmes De Sade (completely uncensored) and many more. These will all be on display for the special exhibit.

On the 12th, the exhibit will be open to the press and to members of the adult industry only. To be put on the list for this day, for more information on attending the event or to make donations to help maintain De Renzy’s work, call Kathryn Reed at 415-626-9986 or call the Institute at 415-928-1133.

The Institute For The Advanced Study of Human Sexuality is located at 1523 Franklin Street, San Francisco, California.