Al Goldstein on a Roll

Al Goldstein has been in a bit of a pickle lately.

As recently as two weeks ago, Goldstein, 68, was homeless, sleeping in shelters and the backseat of a friend’s car, and doing lunchtime interviews just so he could eat. But today things aren’t looking so dim for the former pornographer. Goldstein’s gone from hardcore to hard salami and taken a job as a host at Manhattan’s legendary 2nd Ave. Deli.

“You know my first love isn’t pussy,” Goldstein told, “it’s pastrami.”

Al Goldstein's recent string of misfortunes is monumental. Earlier this month, the former publisher’s probation officer nixed a move to California, where Mitchell Spinelli had offered Goldstein a job in the sales department of Acid Rain Productions--the terms of his probation for harassing one of his ex-wives ban him from working in the adult industry. Screw, the magazine he founded and spent three decades publishing, is out of business. Midnight Blue, his long-running cable TV show, is no more. His current wife (number five) suffers from Crohn’s disease, weighs 80 pounds and is expected to die within months. His fortune, which at one time reached $8 million-plus, is completely gone.

The 2nd Avenue Deli, oft-cited as one of New York City’s finest delicatessens, has been located on the Lower East Side since 1954.

Stop by for a nosh, and tell Al AVN sent ya.