Airerose's 'Legendary Players 2': On the Set With Kendra Lust

This article originally ran in the November 2015 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

Airerose Entertainment has released the second volume of its Legendary Players series—and that raises the question, “What constitutes a ‘legend’ in the adult entertainment business?”

“I’m far from a legend; I’ve only been in the business for three years, so I’m a long way from being a ‘legend,’” said a slightly embarrassed Kendra Lust. “But I’m flattered to be in the movie, I’m excited.”

So how exactly did she get chosen for this?

“I think maybe they drew me out of a hat,” she joked. “I was just really excited. I didn’t even know what the title was. I just enjoy shooting for Derek, so I’m happy to be here—one of 14 days this month. My schedule’s crazy.”

But according to director Derek Dozer, Kendra’s got it all wrong.

“Kendra’s become a little legendary in her time in adult, I think,” Dozer said. “‘Legendary’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘old’; absolutely not. All of the women featured here are what I’d call ‘high profile,’ which is a different kind of ‘legendary.’”

Well, there’s no doubt that Kendra is high profile. AVN alone has more than 100 posts about her, from multiple AVN Award nominations for MILF Performer of the Year to her exclusive contract for IR scenes with ArchAngel to her directing and toy deal with Zero Tolerance.

And this day, at the hilltop mansion that will serve as the movie’s set, Kendra’s in fine form, posing for photos, giving interviews and getting set for what’s kind of a special reunion.

“My partner today is Manuel Ferrara,” she noted. “He was my first boy/girl scene. I was new, so I really couldn’t request much, but I said, ‘I really want him,’ and the stars lined up, and there we were three years ago, and now here we are again!”

Today’s scene takes place on a couch positioned at the bottom of a spiral staircase, and it’s clear from the outset that these performers are hot for each other. Manuel dives right in with some pussy-licking, and it’s easy to see from her ecstatic expression that Kendra loves it. B.j. follows, and there’s even a bit of ball-licking before the busty brunette climbs on top for a hot cowgirl ride. Changing pace, Manuel takes Kendra from behind in spoon position, but soon it’s back to more cowgirl, this time adding some reverse action as well.

Apparently finding the couch too confining, the pair hop off and Kendra positions herself against a large pillar that’s part of the staircase, and Manuel comes from behind and takes her horsie style, with Kendra’s left leg lifted way up so viewers will be able to see all of the action.

Also very revealing is the following piledriver, and thanks to Derek’s up-close-and-personal camerawork, again viewers won’t miss a stroke. A bit of b.j. follows, then doggie on the couch before Kendra kneels before Manuel and takes his spew in her mouth and on her ample chest.

Although we didn’t get to see the other scenes in the movie, they’ll be performed by equally legendary actresses Cytherea, Dayton Raines and Veronica Avluv, ably assisted by Tommy Gunn and Bill Bailey.

Legendary Players 2 from Airerose Entertainment is in stores now, with distribution handled by Pure Play Media.