Aiden Riley Showcases Belladonna With 'Baby on Board'

LOS ANGELES—When porn icon Belladonna was pregnant, parenting and porn partner Aiden Riley captured the hormonally hyped-up performer in a handful of lesbian sessions. Belladonna: Baby on Board collects four of the most intense. Evil Angel will release the hardcore compilation October 14 on DVD and VOD.

Recalling Belladonna as, "the sexiest pregnant woman I've ever seen," Riley said, "I enjoyed working so much on this collection of scenes, but more importantly, I enjoyed making her pregnant so she could perform the scenes."

"Exotic fetishes, like pregnancy, always do well in the market," said Evil Angel Domestic Sales Manager Justin Rich. "And Belladonna's loyal fans like to go everywhere she leads them. With a pregnant Bella performing in every scene, Belladonna: Baby on Board is a product with really exciting sales potential."

The action shows Belladonna's natural lust accelerated by raging hormones and encouraged by her female co-stars (including voluptuous blonde Ryan Conner, currently enjoying a MILFy XXX comeback). The knocked-up knockout also inspired her co-directing co-parent. "I used to jerk off to pregnant women when I was a teen on the Internet," said Riley. "It was my fantasy to be the first man in human history to double-impregnate a girl—I mean get her pregnant again when she's already carrying."

In another scene, nasty-talking Belladonna dominates Julie Night with clothespins, ball gag, nipple torment and hot wax on (but not in) her butthole. As Riley remembered it, "Julie was so into the scene, she pulled her ass open and said, 'Pour hot wax into my asshole.' We didn't—Bella thought it could injure her, but that shows how into the moment Julie was. I miss her—she was a great performer."

Elsewhere, masturbating dirty blonde Jackie Moore slobbers on Belladonna's belly bump as Moore is face-fucked and dildo-whipped. Dark-haired, natural-breasted Katrina Kraven and Bella start a slumber party with a pillow fight and spanking.

Expectant fans can go to to see an NSFW trailer and preview all the “hormones, whore moans and pregnant pauses.”

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Pictured above: Katrina Kraven and Belladonna in Belladonna: Baby on Board (Aiden Riley/Evil Angel)