AICO Appoints Todd Blatt to Board of Directors

EDGECLIFF, NSW - The Adult Industry Copyright Organization has announced the appointment of Antigua Pictures president Todd Blatt to its Board of Directors. A 20-year veteran of the adult industry, Blatt is an expert in foreign sales and a longtime supporter of AICO's anti-piracy efforts.

"I’ve been involved with AICO since its inception, back when I was with VCA Pictures," Blatt told AVN. "I think VCA was one of the first studios to join the organization; in the beginning, a lot of American producers were wary of trusting anyone with their copyrighted material. Now, I believe they realize [AICO] is really creating a marketplace for us in Australia."

Through Antigua Pictures, Blatt is the international licensing agent for such industry heavyweights as Club Jenna, Teravision and Vivid Entertainment Group. In his new role with AICO, Blatt will offer the benefits of his expertise to over 50 U.S. studios.

“I have been doing business in Australia for 20 years, and because of AICO and its members I can offer real dollars to producers that I represent,” he said. “It’s nice to include Australia in the category of valuable territories that actually generate real revenues.”

Blatt joins local AICO Directors Hui Newnham, General Manager of Calvista Australia Pty Ltd and Fiona Patten, CEO of The Eros Association Inc.

“The majority of AICO’s members are overseas film production companies and it is appropriate for the Board to have overseas representation," said AICO Executive Director Graeme Dunne. "Todd has been a champion of AICO in the US and has worked hard to promote our anti-piracy efforts.”


AICO estimates that piracy costs producers up to $300 million a year in Australia alone. By bringing pirates to trial in Australia, Blatt feels that AICO has increased the courts' acceptance of adult entertainment as a valid business like any other.

"I’m proud and really happy that AICO has decided to take me on as a board member," Blatt said. "This is just the beginning of what’s to come. Don’t forget, in the adult business, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and I think at Antigua Pictures we’ve surrounded ourselves w the cream of the crop."