AHF Files Complaint Against Immoral for Not Using Condoms on Set

LOS ANGELES—AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced Monday that it has filed its first official complaint with Los Angeles County against a porn producer it alleges shot scenes in the county without using condoms. The complaint is based on an anonymous tip sent to AHF, according to a letter sent Sunday by AHF to Jonathan Fielding, MD, MPH, director of public health for the county of Los Angeles, alleging that Immoral Productions, a Los Angeles adult film production company with a provisional health permit issued through the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department, “has knowingly [produced] adult material within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County that is in violation of Section 39” of the Health and Safety Code.

“An anonymous letter sent to our organization indicates that Immoral Productions is producing adult themed content wherein actors are engaging in vaginal and anal penetrative acts without the use of condoms,” the letter states. “We have verified this claim through a review of content at: http://www.immorallive.com/.”

Oddly, the letter goes on to state that “such acts (i.e. condomless sex) are known to traumatize vaginal and rectal mucosa and significantly increase the risk of acquiring infectious diseases.”

No other details regarding the alleged violation were contained in the letter, but AHF is holding a press conference tomorrow at 11 a.m. to discuss the filing of its first complaint under the new law. More information about the news conference can be found here.

The AHF letter to Fielding can be read here.