After Hours Cinema Unearths Rare Fred Lincoln Flicks

NEW YORK - After Hours Cinema has dug up two ultra-rare, hairy hardcore flicks from the sickie Seventies featuring footage of AVN Hall of Fame director Fred Lincoln during his early days as a performer.

The new three-disc set includes Millie's Homecoming and the brilliantly titled Weirdos and the Oddballs, both directed in 1971 by little-known New York porn pioneer Eduardo Cemano. Lincoln appeared in these films under the name "Fred Zottis" opposite Dolly Sharp, Harry Reems and Tina Russell.

Lincoln was one in a very small group of male performers who started the hardcore porn scene in New York, along with Reems, Jamie Gillis, and Waterpower director Shaun Costello. The release of the Cemano movies is significant in that both were made before the release of Deep Throat opened the floodgates for hardcore, placing the two films among the first fully explicit XXX features. 

According to smut historian Mike Bowen, Cemano made Weirdos and the Oddballs and Millie's Homecoming for sexploitation icon Doris Wishman (Bad Girls Go to Hell, The Amazing Transplant.) Both films were released theatrically by legendary distributor Terry Levene, who later handled the controversial New York opening of Throat and went on to bring U.S. audiences such Italian gore imports as Make Them Die Slowly and Dr. Butcher M.D.

While a couple of Lincoln's onscreen performances have survived, including his leading non-sex role as the S&M guru in Armand Weston's Defiance (VCX), most of his work as a performer was released in long-lost loops. About six months after he wrapped the one-day wonders for Cemano, Lincoln played the most infamous part of his career as Weasel in Wes Craven's Last House on the Left, which was originally conceived as a hardcore porn flick. 

Lincoln contributes a typically candid and funny interview to the DVD in which he talks about on his entry into the biz, meeting Butchie Peraino, the bad experience of fucking Dolly Sharp (Linda Lovelace's "smoke while you eat" roomie in Deep Throat), why Jamie Gillis was known as "The Geek," and more. The featurette is also worth seeing for Fred's take on Sacha Baron Cohen ("Get the fuck outta here!") and his perspective on why porn changed for the worse in the '80s.

After Hours Cinema deserves kudos for unearthing these stoned-out obscurities and giving contemporary audiences a look back into porn's murky past. For more info on this and other classic porn titles from AHC, visit the company's official website.