After Hours Cinema Reissues <i>Forced Entry</i>

BUTLER, N.J. - "He was taught to kill. Rape was his own idea..."

So screamed the movie poster for director Shaun Costello's 1972 hardcore roughie Forced Entry, starring Harry Reems of Deep Throat as a crazed Vietnam vet on the rampage in New York City. Long before Extreme Associates landed in federal court over the same title (and similar subject matter), Costello's movie earned a deserved reputation as one of the most disturbing and unpleasant porn features ever made.

New Jersey-based After Hours Cinema has now reissued Forced Entry on DVD with the full participation of director Costello, who contributed liner notes and rare photos for the new collector's edition. The disc boasts a new transfer from the only existing 35mm print of the feature, plus bonus 8mm loops featuring Reems and other NYC porn stars of the early '70s.

Costello's liner notes on the new disc recount his entry into the New York porn scene and his experiences making Forced Entry. A self-described sex addict, Costello started out in front of the camera (he was one of a few reliable male performers, along with Reems, Jamie Gillis and Fred Lincoln) and eventually began shooting loops for "an illiterate Jamaican smut merchant named Smitty."

Forced Entry was Costello's first feature; he went on to direct a slew of hardcore classics, including the infamous enema-bandit movie Waterpower (which for many years was erroneously thought to be the work of Gerard Damiano.) The director has gained a cult following in recent years, thanks to the internet and a series of reissues from retro-porn label Alpha Blue Archives.

"I had no idea what I was doing," Costello writes, "but for $6,200 I had written, produced and directed a motion picture that, 35 years later, is still freaking people out."

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