AEE Day 2 Report: Girls, Girls, Girls

LAS VEGAS – "You have no soul! You have no life! You have no morals!"

The man with the "Jesus Saves" sign and the bullhorn kept ranting at the crowd outside the Sands Expo Center, and the damned kept marching into the building as the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo opened to consumers Friday afternoon.

With so much juicy ass and bouncing, barely restrained breast-meat on display, the fans of adult entertainment could not have asked for a better show. And the stars of the adult video industry were more than ready to receive the adulation.
“I’m so happy and surprised to meet people that own so many of my titles,” said Tori Black, a nominee for Best New Starlet at this year's AVN Adult Movie Awards. "Last year, people didn’t really know who I was. I had to get naked and pour water on myself to get attention. I’ve been working my ass off and it feels great to be recognized."
Amber Rayne is no stranger to the convention floor. The slender, doe-eyed gonzo queen has been performing hardcore sex scenes for six years. Rayne, dressed to the nines in a tiny, form-fitting black dress and heels, is rushed throughout the day by mouth-breathing, photo-seeking pervs. "Most people say they always see me as either a teen girl or completely destroyed. They’re kind of surprised I clean up so well," she laughed.

2008 has seen Rayne cross over to scripted gigs. Along with her nomination for Unsung Starlet of the Year, she is up for awards in Pink Kitty’s Bad News Bitches 3 and Chatsworth Pictures' Cuckold 3. "People are realizing I’m good with a script," said Rayne. "I have a theater arts and dance degree—so I hope I’m good with a script! My next release is Adam & Eve's The 8th Day. And I just did Black Rayne for SexZ Pictures, which is directed by Eli Cross. He pisses in my gape! But, I also do some great acting."

Francesca Lé credits Botox, exercise, and good genes for her drop-dead gorgeous figure. "I’m Mexican. As long as I don’t have a baby everything stays intact,” joked the 38-year old Cougar-of-the-Year nominee. "I’m just happy there’s still a category to put me in at 38!"

"Most of my fans are older,"  Francesca admitted. "They come up and mention my old work, like Gangbang Girl for Anabolic. The young guys are just getting to know me. But they still wanna fuck me!” Up next for Francesca is the Johnni Darkko project F for Francesca

Dana DeArmond exhibited good spirits while signing for Jules Jordan Video. The pretty brunette is nominated for Best Oral Sex Scene and Best D.P. Scene. "I told my mom I was nominated for Fuck My Face 3—I already feel like a winner!"

DeArmond told AVN she was honored to be nominated, but really was just happy to be at AEE to meet fans. "My fans are really sweet," she said. "I’m not like a porny porn star. I’m very girl-next-door. When I do these movies, I’m very into the moment. But, then I go back to my life and forget they will get distributed all around the world. But, in reality, I drive a Prius and have two cats. I’m a nerd cat lady."

Asked about her hardcore performances, DeArmond said, "I’m dirty. I try to live out my sick fantasies in a controlled environment such as porn. I mean—you can’t go on Craig'slist without getting killed. You can’t put out an ad that says ‘five well-endowed black men to rape my face—no strings attached!"