AEBN Promotes Kaplan to Executive Vice President

Veteran adult industry technology and marketing exec, Harvey Kaplan, has been named executive vice president for strategic business development of Video-on-Demand (VoD) powerhouse AEBN.

Kaplan was previously director of mobile operations for, AEBN’s mobile division.

In his new position Kaplan will be responsible for business development, corporate strategy, marketing and corporate communications for the company and will also continue to direct management of the company’s mobile operations.

“This was an important business decision for the company. We intend to stay on the cutting edge of technology and need someone to act as a watchdog for anything that may give our company an advantage over our competition. Mr. Kaplan has proven himself here to be an expert in the emerging technology marketplace and we hope to parlay that expertise into company-wide success,” said Scott Coffman, CEO of AEBN.

Prior to joining AEBN in early 2005, Kaplan served as marketing manager of Flynt Digital. As head of the Xobile division he has been responsible for building a dedicated mobile marketing team and channeling the company’s international network of content production partners, affiliates, advertising agencies and content providers towards the mobile arena

Kaplan began his career in the adult industry as president and CEO of Fine Line Entertainment Inc., a video production company.