AEBN Introduces 'RealTouch' at AEE

LAS VEGAS - AEBN, the Video on Demand pioneer, previewed its RealTouch system at AEE in advance of a projected late February launch. The device, used in conjunction with Internet-delivered clips of POV sex scenes, provides the viewer with a virtual sex experience.

Using haptic technology (from the Greek, meaning related to the sense of touch), the device allows its user to experience virtually identical sensations synchronized to those of the couple having sex on screen. Feelings of of licking, sucking or wetting with saliva are replicated more or less precisely.

The device looks like an elongated drum with a slit at one end that functions as an expandable orifice. The orifice changes sizes according to the onscreen action, for example, contracting and getting tighter for anal sex. Inside are dual belt drives that run the length of the penis, plus a lubricant reservoir that adds a warming element and releases fluid in conjunction with those released by the female on screen.   

At the RealTouch AEE booth, a demonstration of the device using two fingers yielded remarkably realistic results.

The device will carry an introductory price tag of $149.95, according to sales exec Stephane Marchand. Once a customer receives the device and hookup from AEBN he can choose the scenes he wants to watch and, as usual with VoD, he will be charged by the minute.

So far, Marchand said, AEBN has accumulated some 200 hours worth of sex scenes and is still programming. The labor intensive haptic technology takes about 18 hours to fully synchronize a 15-minute sex scene.

RealTouch will also available in a gay (male to male) version.

The RealTouch website can now be accessed for information but is not yet fully functional.