AEBN, DHD Media Expand Relationship

Payment processing, e-commerce, and DRM solutions provider DHD Media today announced that its integration of payment processing services for AEBN has expanded.

“AEBN has been the leader in our industry for many years. At first, we employed DHD Media’s services on a limited basis. What we’ve seen is that DHD’s performance does more than other companies to work with us in driving our business forward and improving profitability. This has led us to feel very confident relying on them for our processing needs,” says AEBN Chief Executive Officer Scott Coffman.

“Working with the leaders in the industry has always been something that is important to us at DHD Media. We feel that these sorts of relationships are invaluable in demonstrating our value to the industry as a whole. Naturally, the continuing growth and confidence of a client/partner of a leader like AEBN means the world to us,” says DHD Chief Executive Officer Ron Jenkins.