Exposes New Stream: Max Hardcore

Adult Entertainment Broadcasting Network is preparing to unwrap their newest streaming video feed: Max Hardcore.

"You may think you've seen hard-core porn," AEBN says, "but Max gives new meaning to the word: nasty."

As you might expect, if you're a longtime Max watcher or follower, "(i)f your members are into brutal and shocking, shoving it where the sun-don't-shine, sport-humping, then your site needs Max Hardcore," as AEBN puts it. "Seemingly sweet teen babes, sport ponytails, high heels and talk to the camera while they're being fudge-packed by Max himself. Whether he's with an inexperienced teen or sophisticated model, Max provides the same vindictive, back-door commando, water-sport action."

And Webmasters who already get AEBN feeds can have Max Hardcore added to their categories. There's no setup fee, bandwidth is included in the price, and you get daily real-time statistics. All videos are full-length with VCR and DVD functionality, formatted in RealMedia and Windows Media with full screen capability, including fast forward, rewind, and the needed apparatus to jump to any scene in any film.

For a demonstration, visit AEBN, and don't forget to fill out the application form if you're not a current feed Webmaster. Penn N. Sword