ADULTVIDEONEWS MAY 2005 - ON THE SET - Virtual Katsumi

High above the sun-drenched West Side in the swankiest home this girl has ever seen, comes the staggering realization that life is surreal. What else can one surmise while ascending a spiraling marble staircase leading from a large marble foyer towards a bedroom with carpets so luxurious one must remove ones shoes prior to entering? The house however, as magnificent as it is, pales in comparison to the star of today's shoot.

Katsumi, AVN's reigning Foreign Female Performer of the Year really loves to fuck — hard, fast and dirty! And according to the crew, that's her biggest draw. "Katsumi's big-time but still does it all," Jonathan Sable, who is directing Acid Digital's Virtual Katsumi, says. "Unlike those prima donnas who don't do it hard," Katsumi's co-star Jack Venice couldn't agree more. The ex-Marine cites Katsumi's take-it-all reputation as primary motive for his presence.

Both Sable and producer Mitch Spinelli are palpably excited. Sable maintains that Virtual Katsumi will be the "most advanced virtual sex simulator on the market to date," while Spinelli believes it will be a catalyst in branding the Acid name.

Katsumi, with her sultry French accent and lithe body, flirts and plays with the camera, filling the room with her presence from entrance to orgasm. She slowly fingers herself, asking the viewer what he or she wants her to do en route to a sizzling climax.

Next on the menu is the toy option and Katsumi chooses a piece of hardware while making a quizzical lube inquiry. Silence. Every head on the set motionless, wearing a deadpan expression, waiting for an answer. "What'd she say? Lube?" Sable asks, turning to Spinelli. "I didn't bring lube. Didn't you bring lube?" he asks. Apparently not.

Exasperated, Katsumi sighs and walks away to retrieve her own private stock. As she does so, Sable turns to me and proclaims that he and his partner-in-shtick Spinelli are the "Martin and Lewis of adult." After that convoluted Who's on First-esk banter, Abbott and Costello might be more to the point.

Acid Digital's Virtual Katsumi will appear on your shelves this month.