ADULTVIDEONEWS MAY 2005 - INNERVIEWS - Jackie Moore: Doing The Devil's Work

Our first glimpse of blue-eyed, strawberry blonde Jackie Moore was on the rear box cover of Brandon Iron's I Love It Rough 3 for Platinum X Pictures. Taken immediately after a blow bang, the photo is of Moore's born-to-porn face almost literally drowned in thick, glistening streams of still-warm splooge, a lewd, shameless expression peering through the jizz, the very embodiment of the type of degenerate pornography that religious types consider the devil's work. In other words, definitely our kind of gal. Since then, we've admired this underappreciated, lower-profiled performer in numerous other no-holes-barred performances, giving it all up for the self-pleasuring satisfaction of Porno Nation. Fearless, is what we always thought when watching her do her thing. So it came as some surprise when, during the course of the following interview, we learned that Jackie like actually has some limitations. Read on to find out exactly what. But hey, she's still OK in our book. And way deserving of more recognition.

AVN: Let's start with your background. What was your upbringing like?

Jackie Moore: I'm from Southern California, and my upbringing was ... it was good. My parents got divorced at a young age, and my mom went off and did her thing. So basically my older brother raised me.

AVN: How old are you?

Moore: I'm 24.

AVN: And how did you get into the business?

Moore: [Adult talent agency] World Modeling. I saw their ad. I just went in there and talked to Jim [South] and he started booking me for a bunch of stuff in, like, a week. Now I'm with L.A. Direct.

AVN: Do you remember what your first title was?

Moore: My first title was with Peter North. I started out with somebody who was very generous and nice and not like some of the other people, I mean, shit. He was very sweet to me, and he just totally turned me on. And ever since then, I love it. It's fun. At first I got into it, and I was like, "God, the money's fucking great." But then I was like, "Wow. This is fun, too." Just as long as you take care of your body, take care of yourself, you're all good.

AVN: What are your statistics?

Moore: I'm 34, 25, 34.

AVN: Are you all natural?

Moore: Um hum, yes.

AVN: Ever consider some surgery?

Moore: Maybe a nose job. But other than that, I'm happy with my body.

AVN: How long have you had your nipple pierced?

Moore: I pierced them about a year ago, and then my left nipple closed up.

AVN: I take it Jackie Moore isn't your real name?

Moore: No.

AVN: How did you pick that?

Moore: Ya know, all the Jackie's I've seen on TV or known have always been sluts, so I was like "Jackie sounds like a slut," so I just went with that.

AVN: And you're a big time slut, right?

Moore: Yeah.

AVN: I mean that as a compliment.

Moore: Right. I am.

AVN: You seem like you really love facials. Is that right?

Moore: Um hum, yes.

AVN: Like the one scene we were talking about, the blow bang at the end of I Love it Rough 3 (Platinum X).

Moore: Oh yeah. Have you seen 7 the Hard Way?

AVN: Yep.

Moore: Red Light District. I had fun. I really did. It was seven guys, and it was my first gangbang. And I was very nervous, but, fuck, I loved it. And they all came on my face. My whole face was covered in cum. My eyes. Everything. And of course they had to get it in my eye.

AVN: Of course. Do you like sucking cock?

Moore: I love sucking cock. It really makes my pussy wet.

AVN: Ever suck two cocks in your mouth at the same time?

Moore: I like having two. I love d.p. Any d.p. scene that I've done, I'm fucking loving it.

AVN: And it shows. Have you done a double A?

Moore: That I will not do. No double vag. No double A.

AVN: How come?

Moore: I just don't want to. One dick is good enough in my pussy. One dick is good enough in my ass.... Actually, I take that back. I did do a double A for Anabolic. But you know what? They just got the tip of their dicks in. Because, I was like, I can't handle this. I'm not gonna give you a good scene, so from here on out I will not do that.

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